Waste2Wear is green at its core and transparent in its practice

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While the fashion industry is moving towards sustainability, Waste2Wear’s track record shows green at its core. Our focus is to take the transparency of our recycled polyester value chain to a next level. Using blockchain technology, Waste2Wear® fabrics can be traced back to the plastic picker who gathered the plastic bottle. Giving brands the comfort that their products are a real solution to society’s challenge to reduce plastic waste.

In this new era, Waste2Wear® is able to fully unburden brands, designers, and buyers by offering a one-stop solution. Having a fully certified and compliant supply-chain of innovative textiles out of recycled plastic Waste2Wear® simplifies the journey of companies and fashion brands on their way to become circular.


Explore their new qualities

In the past ten years, Waste2Wear® has built-up a wealth of experience in recycling plastic waste into high quality fabrics and finished textile products. The plastic it uses is saved from landfill or retrieved from Chinese coastal areas. The ranges offered range from silk-likes to linen looks, shiny prints, swimwear fabrics with peach finish, sturdy bag material or light outdoors – almost every fabric can be developed with recycled polyester. At Premier Vision, Waste2Wear® presents a range of new and interesting summer qualities that will spark your imagination for your next fashion collection.


Added level of trust with blockchain technology

Waste2Wear has launched a beta version of its proprietary blockchain system embedded in its collection fabrics. This will allow to track recycled materials all the way back to their source. The blockchain documents and records the journey of plastic waste step-by-step to become a finished textile product.


Key values Waste2Wear

The core of Waste2Wear is creating innovative solutions that transforms plastic waste into resource. The brand brings together stakeholders, such as universities, research institutions, governments and fashion & textile companies, to create synergies and co-create new solutions towards a circular economy.

Visit Waste2Wear at Première Vision | SMART CREATION | Hall 3 SMART booth S 13 and explore a wide variety of recycled polyester fabrics and final garment products. More info

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