Waste2Wear creates traceable ocean plastic fabrics using blockchain technology

Waste2Wear is launching the world’s first collection of fabrics made from ocean plastics that will be fully traceable using blockchain technology. The system, specially developed by Waste2Wear, is aimed to address customers’ demands for traceability of recycled materials. 

In the past ten years, Waste2Wear has built-up a wealth of experience recycling plastic waste into high quality fabrics and finished textile products. This allowed them to become a one-stop solution for their customers developing sustainable products from recycled plastics. Having a fully certified and compliant supply-chain Waste2Wear simplifies the journey of textile companies and fashion brands on their way to become circular.

Ocean Plastics with social impact

The plastic used for Waste2Wear’s ocean fabrics comes from the water and coastal areas of Chongming Island, a small Island near Shanghai. In collaboration with the local government and the Narwhal Ocean Center, Waste2Wear created a business model in which the former fishermen could recover their income (lost due to environmental regulations) by fishing plastic from the ocean. They now collect more than three tons of waste from the ocean every week.

Added level of trust with blockchain technology

Waste2Wear is launching a beta version of its proprietary blockchain system embedded in its new collection of Ocean Plastic fabrics. This will allow them to track recycled materials all the way back to their source. The blockchain documents and records the journey of plastic waste step-by-step to become a finished textile product. By implementing this system into their value-chain, Waste2Wear will create the first collection of ocean plastic fabrics that is fully traceable using blockchain technology.

Key values Waste2Wear

The core of Waste2Wear is the drive to reduce plastic waste together. Committed to tackle the single-use plastic problem, Waste2Wear brings together stakeholders, such as universities, research institutions, governments and fashion & textile companies, to create synergies and co-create new solutions towards a circular economy.

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