A warm, vibrant interplay

Brushed, fuzzy, warm and voluminous, the high-quality wovens in Riopele’s AW 1920 pre-collection are an inviting step forward into a world of soft luxury. With an emphasis on stirring, complex expressions of colour and pattern, they provide an eye-catching look at the future at Blossom Première Vision.


 Whether worked in generous tweeds, cleverly doubled designs, subtle twills or herringbones, the overall look is cosy but refined, with the return of fluid satins to add a note of sophistication.


The company has developed new products – including reversible double fabrics  – to upset the traditional logic of outerlayers and underlayers. Fabrics formerly intended for jackets or shirts discover new uses, weights are contrasted, and all mixes are permitted, without any preconceived idea of right or wrong.

Founded in 1927, Riopele is one of the oldest mills in Portugal, with a fully vertically integrated production cycle – from spinning to dyeing, weaving and finishing. Incorporating sustainable practices across the entire business, Riopele invests in the production of high-quality fabrics, in natural, synthetic, artificial and recycled fibres, with a particular expertise in polyester/viscose/elastane blends.

The company’s “Future Proof” fabrics are inspired by technical fabrics, streetwear and sportswear, with brand new handles, developed in sporty stripes, energetic colours and ‘logomania’ designs. Also in this theme, inflated fabrics provide shell-like protection, while remaining cosy and comfortable.

Patterns are strong and quite marked, with traditional masculine and feminine micro-motifs, checks and stripes in small to extra-large versions, often worked in combination, set off by an expert and soft interplay of hues.

Colourways lean to a Western feeling, in a host of wide-ranging browns from red to chocolate, and toasty tones worked in patchwork patterns.




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