Virtuous circles, sustainable yarns

Consuming less, consuming better – in response to growing concerns on the part of both the market and the public regarding environmental issues, Première Vision Yarns exhibitors are focused on recycling and eco-friendly processes. Four international exhibitors present their latest eco-friendly innovations, at the intersection of technological innovation and the revival of older, traditional methods.

At Tawian’s CR Paper (Chung Rhy Specialty Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.), for example, the expertise it acquired during more than 50 years of making artisanal cotton paper was key to its development of Abacell, a line of paper yarns that’s super-light, waterproof, 100% biodegradable and naturally endowed with anti-UV, antibacterial, breathing and odour-control properties.

At Japan’s Itochu, the pursuit of a circular and virtuous economy is the guiding principle behind the Renu™ project, which focuses on a series of concrete actions to reduce waste at all stages of the textile industry, from yarn to finished product. Thanks to its innovative technology, Renu™ gives a second life to the remains of former collections by extracting recycled polyester yarn from garments, yarns whose colour brightness and wear resistance are on par with virgin polyester. “Renu™ our clothes, Renu™ ourselves, Renu™ our planet”.

This focus on reducing waste across the textile chain is also a central tenet at Spain’s Antex, whose range of Ynviron™ recycled yarns combines eco-friendly production processes with an innovative dyeing conducted during the extrusion process.



Meantime, the combination of Sinterama’s NewLife™ recycled polyester yarns, made from post-consumption plastic bottles, and mulesing-free and chlorine-free merino wool are the ingredients going into the Rewoolife line from Bulgaria’s E. Miroglio. The result is an easy-care ecological yarn that’s as soft and breathable as the finest merino wool.

High-performing, beautiful, sustainable: why choose, when you can have it all?

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