The Spring Summer 21 season

Next 3 – 4 December, the Première Vision fashion team and its exclusive guests will introduce you to the Spring Summer 21 season at Printworks London.

The Spring Summer 21 season offers a denim habitat with a unique link between fashion, sustainability and technology.

Denim is part of the language of the community, it represents the reality. It represents a seismograph of human evolution.

Habitat is a complex of structures, both natural and artificial. A space offering conditions suitable for life and development.

This season Denim Première Vision would like to underline the importance of the relationship between evolution and conservation. It introduces an imaginary contemplation of the meaning of contemporary and future habitats.

denim habitat

©Clark van der Beken

Habitats are multifaceted, they link the past, the present and future. They represent a place for human relations and interactions, they give a space for desire and feelings. The habitat is a symbol of inclusiveness and community, it impacts the people it includes by defining its identity and activities. Action gives meaning to the place as the place can give meaning to the action.

Spring Summer 2021 is broken down into 3 habitats, where minds have no limits, bodies experience new sensations, eyes adjust to the virtual world and hands discover unexpected senses.

Habitat 1 / Sensation

A direction connecting all senses, where denim envelops itself in lightness, handles revendicate softness through bio sourced and recycled fibres, playing in graduated shades for soothing visuals.

spring summer 21

©Pierre Châtel Innocenti

Habitat 2 / Hybridisation

A connection with experimenting with upcycling, natural materials and recycled for irregular and wrinkled visuals, disrupted by a play on contrasting matte and metallic shine.

spring summer 21

Habitat 3 / Expansion

An instinctive attitude, overflowing with instinct, for an overlapping virtual metamorphosis, a combination of artisanal handiwork, sustainable materials and finishings and technologies to assert uniqueness in every item.

spring summer 21

©Krzysztof Kowalik

Don’t miss the chance to discover “Habitat 21

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