The spring summer 2021 Fashion summary

The show’s fashion information took full shape at the Première Vision Paris show this past 11-13 February. Twelve fashion spaces, both cross-sectoral and specific, a colour range and harmonies by market, a selection of products from each activity sector, conferences and fashion presentations, immersive and interactive displays and spaces, a wealth of illustrated and multimedia documents all came together to give markets an optimal vision of the spring-summer 2021 season.

The season

A season very much marked by a new materiality and a search for greater eco-responsibility, underpinned by a strong determination to understand product processes and qualities.
A season in which simplicity is richly asserted, and plains are a call for more precise garment construction, whether fluid or compact, ultra-light or lively and dynamic. Fantasy is more measured on the exterior, and signals the start of a major shift in proportions for accessories. Natural influences generate elegant and more relaxed silhouettes.
A season that opens the way to an extraordinary future, where fashion forms the basis of a committed, colourful, aesthetically rich and appealing tomorrow.

Colour highlights

A generous and subtle colour range that enhances products with iridescent sparkles, and plays with light, deep mattness or syrupy shine. Harmonies favouring refined pales that bring out the beauty of materials. Colourways where florals take off, darks serve to highlight and blues are essential: whether celestial or deep, aquatic or ethereal, they are pivotal to an intense season.


Product highlights

Positive reduction : A joyful breath of optimism that advocates reduction as a positive creative act. Fashion that cheerfully calls for a sparing approach to complexities, transformations and chemistry.
Taking a 360° view of eco-responsibility, elegance goes hand in hand with a vigilant approach to the execution of everything from materials to finishes – with fabrics, leathers and accessories marked by impeccable quality, handles and colours.


Materialising : Adding body to fashion, substance to concepts, radicality and refinement to developments for a confident nonconformity. Boldly daring a less-smooth material consistency, roughness with a lot of character and the influence of an integrated, fully assumed and transcended nature.
With fabrics that trap air inside the material, that retain the characteristics of plant fibres while eschewing any rusticity, inviting new strains and developments featuring a rough tactility with lots of character.


In motion : Embellishing the fleetingness of fashion and riding the wave of ever-changing rhythms. Rushing headlong with undisguised delight into tomorrow’s changing tune, diving into speed and making silhouettes and colours sing with moving, light-filled vibrations. With lively surfaces, ranging from the tiniest crepons to truly undulating relief, luminous movements, from honeyed reflections in leathers and amber gleams in accessories, to a lustrous and vibrating dazzle in fabrics.


Flexibility : Stepping with suppleness and agility into fashion that flirts with both reality and fiction. Slipping into the porous divide between a digital universe and reality with kindliness and rigour. Creating hybrids of materials and handles, enhancing them with formidable promise, to dream up stronger, more beautiful worlds, and adornments in 3D volumes that are more real and sensual than nature.
With a new suppleness that’s sumptuous, dynamic and sensual, with firm, plump curves in accessories, leathers and fabrics, and supple, deliciously comfortable square constructions.


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