The quest for zero weight

The lightness of summer gives weavers and tanners the opportunity to explore new combinations: added fluidity, fine knits, yarn blends, plays on transparency. Leathers are simpler and finer. Airy fabrics reveal subtle densities and handles.

Luxury Jersey: Knit variations in the key of lightness

Whether for use in men’s or women’s ready-to-wear or streetwear, this knitter proposes multiple combinations of fineness and transparency.

The various product lines from the Italian knitter are enhanced with airy materials worked both in sophisticated versions and for more relaxed uses. For high-end women’s ready-to-wear, the emphasis is on silk and viscose yarns that are then knitted in very fine gauges. This recipe lends a transparency to materials and reduces their weights (about 80gr/ml). The same subtlety comes through in more opaque versions knit from 100% polyester yarns. For men’s, the manufacturer opts for the fineness of linen yarns and a looser knit, for soft and delicate handles. In terms of streetwear, developments worked in polyamide mono-filament result in extra-fine and compact knits.


Swing Gruppocinque: light yet distinctive materials

The specialist in high-performance sports fabrics introduces authentic aspects with a vintage spirit.

“Lightness with body and character” is the leitmotif of this Italian weaver’s pre-collection, which marries high-performance lightness with authentic visuals resulting from its mastery of finishing techniques. Fabrics in a blend of synthetic and natural yarns are equally enhanced with vintage looks. Lightness prevails – but always elaborated within the norms of transparency, breathability and softness required by the sports markets and others. In a similar vein, its latest jacquard and print lines come in both shiny looks and softened tones.

Mégisserie Lauret: an alliance of lightness and suppleness

The dipped lamb specialist continues to work fine, airy skins for apparel.

Lightness bathed in suppleness – that’s the message coming from the new summer 2021 developments at Mégisserie Laurent. Along with its specific treatments for leather goods, a special dyeing process has been developed to add more suppleness to qualities intended for clothing. Lightness is achieved by splitting the leather thickness to 0.4 or 0.5 mm. Fluidity then becomes a question of nourishing the skin and using special dyes. Each season 14 colours are proposed. Drumming these products is a way to restore volume to the skin without adding weight. In short, a meticulous alliance, enhanced by the tanner’s preference for natural aspects and preserving the delicate grain of the lamb.

Russo di Casandrino: back to the essence

For this Italian tanner, summer marks a return to a simplicity tinged with fineness and lightness.

The Italian tanner eschews opulence with a pre-collection hailing simplicity, and embracing lightweight leathers, natural shine and soft handles.

Along these lines, a family of products with crackled effects enriches the Paper collection.

Already present on its half-calf skins and nappa sheep skins, this treatment is now being extended to all calf leathers. The latest references are worked in a contrasting palette ranging from deep blue to olive green.

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