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Comfort is served

Oxford defines comfort as “a state of physical ease”. Comfortable textiles should provide this ideal state as well. With all of the performance technologies being promoted in the marketplace, it has become quite confusing to know what to order. Optimer Brands, the parent company of drirelease®, helps brands achieving a state of ease with its Menu of Comfort.

As a pioneer of comfort textile technologies, Optimer Brands is part of the best performance fabrics in today’s marketplace. It’s what lets you move more comfortably – by wicking, drying, cooling and freshening – as you pursue your passions. With the growing demand for active lifestyle, designers and product developers are finding themselves confused when it comes to fabric selection. Optimer Brands continues to reinforce its position as a valuable resource to the industry with its team of experts and Menu of Comfort.

DRIRELEASE® fabrics instill a sense of comfort even before putting them on, just knowing the benefits are natural and inherent — using no chemical performance treatments. The engineered blend of multidenier and multi-staple length fibers optimizes the wicking, drying, easy-care and soft feel, naturally.

Unmatched natural aesthetic can be blended with:

  • WOOL
  • C.O.
  • SILK
  • HEMP
  • BCI
  • NAIA(™)

DRICOMFORT®  stands for enhanced comfort, making the fabrics we wear perform even better. These transformative technologies include:

  • GEO filament polyester fabrics with active particles that accelerate the drying
  • LOFT fleeces that wick sweat as well as it warms
  • DUO wicks inside and repels outside

OPTIMER® unique technologies are designed to be infused at the fabric stage providing versatility in any fiber content. A wide range of benefits include:

  • FRESHGUARD® durable antimicrobial and odor control
  • ADAPT bio-based PCM thermal regulation
  • SOOTHE infused with bioactive ALOE VERA

Even with such a versatile selection of comfort solutions, Optimer Brands still welcomes ordering “off the menu”. Its Design Lab is where the future happens. Whether developing new technologies, fabrics or supply chains, this comfort solutions provider is at your service.

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