The major societal trends in 3 talks

The world is changing, so listen up! Première Vision presents 3 original Talks to take stock of societal trends. Take a moment to decode and analyse: the new generation’s aspirations and clichés, the changes taking shape in the fashion industry and the evolution of retail told through some amazing experiences.

Free access upon presentation of your badge.
Please arrive 5 minutes before the conference.
Innovation Talks Area (hall 3) or Fashion Talks Area (hall 6).

Tuesday 11 February 2020


Voices of generations, a trend report by L’ADN

Cultural trends and insights from the ‘Millenial burnout’ to the come-back of astrology, OK ‘Boomer’ and eco-anxiety. What are the aspirations and misperceptions about the coming generations ?

Nastasia Hadjadji, journalist & speaker at L’ADN, in English, hall 6

Fashion Talks Area, hall 6, in English


The best is yet to come

Societal decoding by Serge Carreira

The current changes in the industry have to be considered as opportunities for the players. The main challenge is not to sell more but to sell better. It is a whole new world to build.

Serge Carreira Fashion and Luxury specialist and lecturer at Sciences Po in Paris.

Fashion Talks Area, hall 6, in English


Retail: a new creative material

In the digital age, the physical place competes with inventiveness to show its legitimacy. A new playground for brands, it is also a matter to experiment, to create, to re-invent business models. Discover the most incredible experiences spotted around the world by Influencia and Urban Sublime.

Laetitia Faure, Fondatrice, Urban Sublime

Innovation Talks Area, hall 3, in English

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