The fibres of the future

From certified ‘green’ fibres to soluble yarns and infinitely recyclable materials, an ecological wave is reshaping the thinking of the entire textile industry, starting with the fibre itself. Here, an overview of sustainable innovations offered by Première Vision Yarns next 11-13 February at the show


Arifil, a specialist in colourful yarns for some 30 years, has a longstanding commitment to sustainability. The company has already achieved significant results in terms of energy optimisation, responsible production and traceability and has adopted recyclable materials right down to their packaging. The new ‘Spinning in Green’ collection consolidates the results of this Spanish company’s efforts into a complete range of eco-friendly yarns: ecological viscoses, organic cottons and recycled polyesters and cottons, all certified and all dyed prior to spinning, thanks to processes that significantly reduce (by as much as 50%) water and energy consumption, minimise the use of chemical components and ensure that the end result is as high-quality as it is sustainable.

At BYR International,combining sustainability and performance has been a pillar of the group’s philosophy from the beginning. As the creator of the soluble fibre range Solucell™, the globally oriented company has just launched SolucellAir™, a cotton fibre which, thanks to its specific 3D structure, combines environmental protection and technology, ensuring that SolucellAir™ yarns have almost the same lightness, perspiration management, fast drying and thermoregulation properties as those of wool.

Since the mid 1990s, the Technical Research Institute of Finland has been experimenting with CCA (cellulose carbamate) in an ambitious effort to help the planet, improve cotton, and make a truly circular economy financially worthwhile. In March 2018, this long research process led to the creation of Infinited Fiber, a Finnish company built around the patented fibre of the same name. 100% eco-friendly (2016’s WWF Climate Solver winner) and made exclusively from recycled materials, Infinited Fiber is able to mimic the feel and quality of cotton while guaranteeing natural antibacterial properties, easier dyeing and a significant reduction in production costs.



High performing, high quality, economical and sustainable, these new fibres not only pave the way for new uses, but also for new virtuous production and consumption practices.

Discover the complete list of yarn and fibre experts who will be exhibiting at Première Vision Yarns


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