The Autumn Winter 21-22 Season

Caring, innovative, the autumn winter 21-22 fashion season daringly embraces both boldness and ambiguity. It deliberately combines opposites and indulges in contradiction in its statements and expressions.
Seeking out new forms of balance, the season glides from one state to another, and celebrates the magical permeability between opulence, simplicity and restraint.
It affirms the incredible synergies between the digital and physical realms and opens the way to new expressions of solidarity in the industry.

Softly, yet resolutely, the season draws its strength from both the fundamental matter as well as the dynamics of fantasy, to uphold honest and transparent production processes.
It aims for creative excellence through a solid anchoring in know-hows and the distinctive singularity of products, by celebrating the passage of time and personalization.

Like a champion of elegance, bearing peaceful and digital arms, the season blurs perceptions, perturbs visuals and magnifies handles, textures and colors.
A forward look into a future of sustainable tomorrows, tinged with madness and emotion, intuition and reason.

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