The allure of the reassuring

A season that zigzags between occasionally conflicting desires; a season deliciously charmed, in part, by the familiar and the reassuring. It anchors some of its roots in a quest for sound values, and minimizes aesthetic risks by reviving iconic visuals, updated with new performance features and handles.

Turning inward, delving into the past and closely studying its archives provides both reassurance and the opportunity to boldly elaborate refinement and the offbeat.

Savoring the sweet scent of nostalgia, languidly relishing the absence of anything shocking, and curling up in the quiet softness of comfortable and technical fine materials is a quite justifiable temptation. Yet common sense and ingenuity are spurring the industry to go above and beyond, and shift to less complex work methods in order to propose clever and innovative solutions, where visual appeal is not the only asset. Leathers, fabrics and components that are cleaner and less water- and chemical-intensive lend a rejuvenated appeal and enhanced credibility to judicious visuals.



One of the challenges of this season and beyond is to build a solid foundation on sensible, well thought-out but always creative products. Responsible innovation establishes an increasingly honest and credible relationship with an informed and discerning consumer always on the lookout for surprises and a joyful approach to fantasy.

The call for comfort is also conveyed through irresistibly warm, soft and cozy materials with a clearly subdued message. Here, far from the digital realm, the essence is found in physical sensation, and handle and tactile perception are the operative words.

Comfort and well-being team with an updated approach to tailoring and the new stylistic demands of fashion that is welcoming and caring, indulging both the hand and body.

Clothes that sensually and generously envelop and protect, wholly round volumes, with smooth and runny knits, hybrid weaves combining wool and thermal synthetics and thick, light and puffed-up leathers. A likeable consistency, far removed from limpness, is dashingly expressed, to give structure to pieces marked by visuals with a silky influence and full, creamy handles.

The desire to find reassurance also invites a soft look, with products marked by a calm and subtle discretion, including muted chinés and blurry aspects, pleasantly fused and graduated looks. Hazy and faded colors soften motifs and contrasts that are worked together in sophisticated combinations in silhouettes. Multiple expressions of a visually and tactilely reassuring approach, one that soothes the eye, making materials harbingers of honesty in manufacturing, and gives clothing design free reign to express the full power of its significance.


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