Sustainability at Nilorn’s core

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From humble beginnings in Sweden in the early 1970s Nilorn developed into a global company with unmatched expertise in adding value to brands via labels, packaging and accessories. Although our journey has been quick and vast, every step of the journey has been taken with careful reflection and a clear goal in mind: to become the best branding and labelling company worldwide.

Branding is our middle name

Branding plays a crucial role in a company’s success. At Nilorn we develop and refine brands primarily in the fashion industry. From our offices all over the world, we take pride in being a development hub for both brand owners and garment manufacturers alike. With a strong focus on design and sustainability, we help clients around the world create unique and attractive brand experiences for their customers – where both tactile expression and visual aesthetic are combined to maximize impact.

We can assist in trademark profiling and protection, corporate identity or packaging design and the development of products and solutions that identify your brand and enhance its look and feel; such as trims, packaging, accessories, RFID labels, printed tickets, custom woven labels and personalized clothing labels.

World class logistics

We take our logistics as seriously as our creativity. That is why we are strategically located in all major garment-manufacturing countries around the world, giving us the means and ability to deliver your labels, trims and other branding quickly and directly to your own factories or production partners. How quickly? We aim to deliver within 48 hours (and we usually succeed). Additional advantages of our global logistics platform are high flexibility and reliability, cost efficiency and worldwide distribution.

Sustainability at our core

We ship our products to more than 65 countries around the world and are hence part of far-reaching supply chains. We know that such a global presence calls for globally responsible actions. That is why Nilorn is committed to be a true sustainability leader in our industry.

We believe in taking an overall view on sustainability so that the whole design, manufacturing and supply chain is involved, and we work with carefully selected partners who hold the same values and principles. By signing the Global Compact, we furthermore commit to continually improve our practices. To lay the foundation for this work, we have built our sustainability strategy on three pillars: Clients, Production and Supply chains, and Employees.



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