Style Focus Womenswear SIS 21

Whether the mood is elegant chic, active casual or urban and winning, women’s looks for spring summer 21 are multifaceted, and expressed with great determination.

Deliberate ease

A dynamic and tailored silhouette, inspired by the notion of “dressing for success” or more casually interpreted, plays on proportion and contrast with a controlled ease. Mixes that combine the dense suppleness of draping and sensual silks with equally supple matt, compact and ribbed knits emphasise the body’s movements. Firm and fine satins enhance the shoulders and create skirts with generous volumes. A mix of colours, plains and fancies and skilfully composed asymmetries highlight an energetic look, featuring details like jewelled fastenings strewn all the way to the feet, and bags in extreme sizes – from shrunken and structured bags in firm and fine leathers, to bags that are as big and supple as you wish.


Sensual casualwear

Relaxed silhouettes for fluid, urban, easy-wearing and sensual daywear. Whether ultra-feminine or boyish, very fitted or cut full and far from the body, casualwear takes on a nonchalant ease and suppleness, emphasising linen-y irregularities, a cottony mattness and the sensuality of new-generation viscoses. Elegantly seductive tight knit dresses are constructed and structured in a corseted spirit. Second-skin garments, light denims with cold, matt handles, and iridescent prints balance out a silhouette composed of wide, cropped shirts and cami tops with offbeat functional details. A relaxed and sexy look contrasted with minimalist bags and sporty shoes or shoe boots.


Festive poise

An unparalleled urge to create hybrid styles, to mix styles and aspects, to freely mix up with a satiny influence and the roundness of organza.
Hijacking the traditional codes of elegant cocktail wear, and adopting structured transparencies, exuberant jacquards and exceptional laces.
Playing with pronounced pleats and cuts that pump up the volume for spectacular tops.

Items to be worn with pants in dry and light wools or ultra-fine cotton twills.
Pieces made to live in, to dance in, worked in fabrics with a natural elasticity that embrace movement and celebrate the lightness of being alive.

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