Style Focus: Caring Protection

The season’s casual silhouettes

Cozying up in creamy materials and products aligns with a fundamental desire to find shelter this season. A search for a velvety, soft place of comfort and serenity that is neither bland nor silly.
With generous volumes, smoothly supple handles and a desire for simplicity.
The abundant softness of materials is combined with high-performant protection, for an enveloping comfort where handles and a tactile feeling are of key importance.
The desire for protection is expressed both through fuller volumes and rounded, puffy, plumper shapes, as well as through caressing and indulgent handles, tender and fluffy surfaces, and indispensable protective and invisible technical properties.


A city-wear allure, which combines and multiplies technical performance features.
A men’s wardrobe for the true connoisseur, with a chic, relaxed look that strives to perfect the quality of products to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile city lifestyle. The invisible performance typically found in sports items with a special focus on the choice of fibers, treatments and finishings, in products worked throughout the silhouette.
Overcoats can go toe-to-toe with windbreakers, and shirts are more breathable than sport jerseys. Fabrics and cuts give a re-fresh to puffers and parkas, creating hybrid variants thanks to unconventional quiltings.


A quest for an essential softness, to protect ourselves, by transporting the cozy look of our interiors into our everyday lives. Silhouettes are enveloped in coats resembling large protective blankets. We seek shelter from the outdoors, insulation from the cold, to wrap ourselves in softness and roundness, to feel the caress of velvety surfaces.
There’s an accent on fibers reputed for their softness, to lend a thick, warm comfort, with suppler, softer and foamy woolens.
Polar fleece, velvet, and sweatshirt knits grow more and more sophisticated,
and are no longer used strictly for casual and technical wear.
These silhouettes are elegant, enrobing and comfortable, addressing a dual desire for a caring and seductive appeal.

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