The story of behind Première Vision’s spring summer 2020 image

Studio KH : Kate Fichard & Hugo Deniau

Both graduates of Ecal, the prestigious art school in Lausanne, they now work together as a duo, as image makers creating powerful and highly symbolic visual works. Their photograph, which graces our cover, stars in Première Vision’s most recent promotional campaign. They talked to us more about it.




Where did you get the idea for this image?

This photograph, named “Trash”, is part of the Scarecrows series, a project we did in 2016 around scarecrows, after learning that they had been gradually disappearing from the countryside. They were there to scare the birds, and sadly they were replaced by pesticides. We learned at that time that France was the third largest consumer of pesticides in the world, and the leading consumer in Europe. So we wanted to give a new life to these scarecrows, to turn them into a symbol of protection of the world around us. It was also a way to awaken people’s consciousness to the situation.

What did you have in mind when imagining these creatures?

The scarecrow is supposed to frighten animals by simulating a human presence. We began with that basic definition to create characters evoking a certain aspect of today’s concerns, using objects, materials and colours related to the pollution and mistreatment our world is too often a victim of.

What message did you want to convey?

We made this scarecrow from bags to denounce overconsumption, and the waste found worldwide. But we didn’t want to convey a message that was too literal. So it was important to give our creature an artistic form, one that’s both disturbing and poetic. This somewhat naive character allows us to be engaged, to address crucial issues for our future, but in a fun way and with a truly aesthetic approach.




The choice of this photograph is an excellent reflection of the Première Vision approach: a desire to stand out from conventional advertising images to propose instead a powerful symbol: inspiring, artistic, cultural. All of which clearly echoes fashion’s own mechanisms, it’s creativity and expression. This photo, drawn from Studio KH’s images, perfectly corresponds to the spirit of the next season. From the poetic backdrop of the field emerges a shape that everyone is free to interpret in their own way. The overall mood is imbued with a vague atmosphere of anxiety –  a concern widely communicated by fashion, which is increasing its eco-responsible initiatives. This commitment is widely shared by Première Vision, which is more than ever assuming a key role in the field via its various undertakings. It plays an influential part by identifying major fashion trends; protecting creativity; conveying the major issues concerning the sector, but above all, providing solutions and potential answers that are meaningful and innovative.

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