State-of-the-art wools [VIDEO]

Italy’s Marini Industrie puts the full force of its cutting-edge know-how behind an artful collection, addressed to the growing call for comfort and performance.

Inspired by the contemporary art world’s search for authenticity and use of modern technologies, the Italian wool producer is unveiling an AW1920 pre-collection creatively blending diverse fibre personalities, and boosted by state-of-the-art performance.

Founded in 1945, this historic Prato-based woollen mill focuses its production on sophisticated, avant-garde fabrics, where textile tradition meets modern-day fabric performance. Even the most classic fabrics in the new collection are shot through with enhanced performance and innovative washes to lend a fresh liveliness. Recent textile research also explores innovative 3D effects, delving into light and deliberate imperfections to animate surfaces.

A highlight in the winter collection is the company’s washable H2Wool fabrics, traceable, as the company notes, “from farm to firm.” H2Wool fabrics are made from a special wool fusing the authentic characteristics of wool fibres with unique treatments, including wrinkle-resistance, for a remarkably high-end Athleisure offer.

Wovens this season include expertly worked doubles, satins and satin-backed textiles in wool, viscose, acetate, polyester and satin, with finishings including coatings and felting.

The colour range borrows from the warm and intense tones found in Flemish Art, combined with a range of comfortable pastels, and indigo worked with greys.


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