State-of-the art lightness and technology at Cuirs du Futur

Located in Graulhet in France’s historic tanning region, Cuirs du Futur is the world specialist in high-end stretch leathers.


Entirely specialized in this particular product, the company now enjoys over 25 years of experience in this particular domain, with a mastery from start to finish: from re-tanning on wet blue to finishing, shaving, gluing and dyeing. Thanks to this exceptional know-how and advanced technological facilities, it is able to refine skins up to 0.1 mm, and therefore offer particularly lightweight items, even when bonded to an elastane plain woven.

Highly attentive to the environment, the tannery has changed all its finishing facilities, which it has equipped with powerful filters. Wastewater is pre-treated on site and later purified in a municipal wastewater treatment plant. It has also eliminated solvents from its formulas. Busy with its French suppliers, equipped with French machines and supplied with primarily French skins, it has been awarded the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label and offers a product that is almost entirely French.

Thanks to its dyeing advancements, it has developed a stretch dipped lambskin washable at 30° without risk of colour bleeding. It has also recently developed a patent stretch lamb skin. Its latest fashion products feature multiple metallizations – gold, platinum, anthracite – on smooth leather and velours leather.



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