Stahl, an added value for all leather uses


Specialists in leather treatments, surface coverings and textile coatings since 1930, Stahl works in partnership with hundreds of companies, offering innovative solutions to ensure that each product has the right finish for its function.

Their mantra is: “If you can dream it, we can make it.” In addition to adapting to all types of products, Stahl guarantees the use of ethical processes that are sustainable and respectful of people and the environment.

For example, Proviera, a “probiotic for leather”, is a biotechnological alternative to the chemical treatments used in conventional tanning agents; Stahl Neo is a complete portfolio of leather finishes that meet the ZDHC and MRSL criteria; and EasyWhite Tan is an alternative to traditional tanning that gives a lighter, chrome-free result using less water and salt.

With more than 2,100 employees and 38 laboratories in 24 countries around the world, Stahl is able to provide tailored solutions, closely in line with its customers’ needs. A policy of diversity and inclusion is part of its recruitment practices, and the company participates in a virtuous circle of global entrepreneurship.


Come meet Stahl at the Smart Square, Hall 3, and be part of the major innovations of tomorrow!

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