S/S 21 UPDATING: decoration

This April-May 2020, our Updating survey canvassed selected international buyers to learn the key products to insert into your Spring Summer 2021 collections now. The survey – conducted under exceptional circumstances – vigorously confirms the major influences set forth and highlighted by the Première Vision Paris show last February.


Buoyed by an urge for bold colours with a slightly synthetic feel –  such as “plastic violet” – the Spring-Summer season greedily celebrates decorative approaches marked by sunshine and determination.

Whether by softening the angles, activating movement thanks to an artistic gesture, or expressing a unique difference by escaping the frame, the decorations that stood out in the survey pay tribute to the creative activities that accompanied us so kindly and caringly throughout this very particular period.



Hand-Drawn Abstracts


The Updating survey points up international buyers’ interest in decorations influenced by the beauty of the artistic stroke and the sensitivity of the tools used.

Graphics are more artistic, inspired by watercolours, brushstrokes and diluted inks. Movements are full and generous, unfolding in colourful and abstract designs played out in warm harmonies, revved-up by synthetic, menthol or acidic accents.

Floral and plant motifs with round and hazy contours, deliberately of exotic inspiration, express themselves freely on tops and bottoms – trousers, shorts – with workwear details. In these instances they favour smooth cottony grounds, and playfully lend an offbeat twist to colours for a fresh, casual look full of arty references.


A more feminine version is also popular on printed stretch knits, perfect for extra-long, side-split dresses worn like second-skins, for a confidently sensual and sophisticated silhouette.




Fabrics | Prints | Penelope By Almodo, Turkey | Réf : P14928 – Co : NEPHELE PRINT/D | 97%PES 3%EL | See more



Fabrics | Prints | DEVEAUX SAS, France | Réf : SMALL /IMP-19010-GC13 (503599) – Co : SMALL /IMP 19010 GC13 | 100%POLYESTER | See more


Fabrics | Prints | DEVEAUX SAS, France | Réf : SPACIBA /IMP-27214-GW01 (504453) – Co : SPACIBA /IMP 27214 GW01 | 100%POLYESTER | See more


Fabrics | Prints | AKTEKS/NEON, Turkey | Réf : DG11562/16007/SOLAR – Co : SOLAR | 58%RYC 42%PES | See more


Colourful flat-tints


In addition to abstract graphics, decoration worked in flat-tinted versions – especially stylised flowers and foliage – also did well in the survey.

Motifs are pared down to shake off the superfluous and get tight to the essential. Backgrounds are airier, to trace out a feeling of emptiness, reflecting the desire for the economy of movement and “positive reduction” that emerged at the last show.

Stylised designs in a paper cut-out style, artfully studied and somewhat naïve, favour flat shapes – flowers, leaves, fruits – in an almost obvious homage to Matisse’s still-lifes.

Prints grow sparser  in space, where fullness and emptiness coexist. White backgrounds – a symbol of absence – or on the contrary very colourful backgrounds and macro-version motifs come alive as if to step outside the frame and better express their difference.

Such decorations can be imagined on jacquards or, in a more casual vein, on summery cottons worked in boxy, unisex shapes, evoking summery scenes from everyday life, to be adopted head-to-toe or reversely coordinated to lend a fun, witty note.




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The design aesthetic behind Spring Summer 21 decoration tends to round off edges, showcasing spontaneity and harmony. Hand-drawn and playfully sketched, the artistic gesture accompanies movement, and expresses its desire for freedom.



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