SPORT & TECH S/S21 HIGHLIGHTS: an eco-responsible and high-performing Athleisure

A quest for performance continues to drive Sport & Tech. Fully determined to meet the sector’s needs, new exhibitors are pushing the envelop on technical innovation. As true pioneers in terms of eco-responsibility, the Sport & Tech sector brings it all together: sustainability, performance and style.


Water sports


Spurred by the increasing success of water sports and its many offshoots – paddle-boarding, long-boarding, swimming – new developments are entering the market.


In swimwear, for example, materials are growing more and more performant without giving up an ounce of style or eco-responsibility. Semi-plains take centre stage,  in mini-embossed, seersucker-like, shirred versions that infuse fabrics with micro-motifs. Worked in tart and vitamin-boosted shades, they are rich in technical performance – fast dry, bi-stretch – as well as being recycled.


For water sports requiring a wetsuit, every effort is made to lighten the materials.  Foams are slimmed down through a careful elaboration of multi-layers to improve their speed in the water. Wetsuits are less bulky, allowing greater freedom of movement.



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | SHINKONG TEXTILE CO. LTD, Taïwan | Réf : SS-Y1485-1_ – CO SS-Y1485-1_| 92%N 8%SPANDEX | See more



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | MECTEX, Italy | Réf : 08210949 SUPERBIFLEX CALIFFA T.I.F. – 08210949 SUPERBIFLEX CALIFFA T.I.F.| 51%PL 40%PA 9%EA | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | SPORTWEAR ARGENTONA, Spain | Réf : 106402_ – CO 106402_| 79%PES 10%EA 11%PUE | See more





The appeal of wellness and the sports associated with it continues to grow. Pilates requires apparel providing comfort, freedom of movement and support.

New yoga disciplines combine a variety of sport practices involving flexibility, strength training, meditation and cardio.

New sheathing bi-stretch knits, with optimised elasticity, are targeted to these new uses, with traceable and breathable polyamide-lyocell blends and responsible finishings.


Yoga and meditation fans, mindful of respecting nature and the elements, are won over by these fabrics, which combine the extreme comfort required by the discipline and eco-friendliness. New, highly fluid knits, made from a mixture of natural fibres, recycled materials and new biopolymers, are offered in fully eco, fully traceable versions.



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | PENN ITALIA SRL, Italy | Réf : 26318_ – CO 26318_| 76%PA 24%LY | See more



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | UTENOS, Lithuania | Réf : 16272_ – CO 16272_| 95%GINGER 5%EL | See more


Fabrics | Technical fabrics | M.I.T.I. Spa, Italy| Réf : P95150IF – CO POWDER BIO | 82% ACC. BIODEGRADABLE PA 18% NO IMPACT EA | See more






For Outdoor sports, especially running and jogging, lightness is a must… Fabrics rise to the challenge with extra lightweight versions that are fine to point of becoming intangible, while remaining highly protective. This season, technical prowess opens the door to fantasy, with surfaces subtly textured with shivering ripples. Semi-transparent fabrics have a crunchy or very neat cottony look.


For hiking, trail running and other sports activities that take place in the great outdoors, environmental concerns go hand-in-hand with a sporting ethic. For the S/S 21 season, natural materials – cotton and wool in particular – are very sought-after and especially innovative. New multi-layer techniques worked on organic cotton bases block water on the surface thanks to an ultra-fine membrane composed of nanopores, which is nonetheless breathable. Textiles also feature solvent-free membrane treatments. These double faces on cottony bases have a crunchy solidity with a casual and vintage look. They successfully combine lightness, high resilience and ultra performance.



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | DAEKWANG TEXTILE Inc., South Korea | Réf : DK-1001 – CO DK-1001| 53%N 43%C 4%PU | See more



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | NT MAJOCCHI, Italy | Réf : APUS_ – CO APUS_| 100% PA+RESINE | See more



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | SL TEXTILE, South Korea | Réf : SBD-190195_ – CO SBD-190195_| F:100%NY B:100%CO | See more


Fabrics | Technical fabrics | ESTETHIA, Italy | Réf : E1X58T_ – CO E1X58T_| 100% PL | See more



The S/S 21 Sport & Tech season promises to surprise us. Innovative technical properties focused on performance, sustainability and style prove that Sport &Tech intends to maintain its reputation as a pioneer in terms of eco-responsibility and innovation.


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