S/S 21 MUST-HAVE SWIMWEAR: styles and materials

A thirst for freedom and movement was the driving force behind the Sport & Tech show in Portland last 12 & 13 February, rallying industry players around a positive and dynamic energy.


Stopped short in their momentum by the unprecedented health crisis, the Sport & Tech players are getting back into gear, ready to push the limits of innovation even further, heading into a summer season that’s more efficient, responsible and aesthetically appealing than ever.


Water sports are booming and multiplying – from paddleboard to longboard and swimming – driving specialized brands to offer swimwear developments in ever more exacting styles, fabrics and accessories.



Dynamically sheathing



For next season, looks are streamlined and aerodynamic, to deftly navigate a wide range of elements. From rapids, to waterfalls, waves and air, nothing stands in their way.


Swimwear and wetsuits are designed to help the body stabilize itself thanks to compression systems that provide both excellent support and extraordinary suppleness. With their graphic design, they play on the cut-outs and hues of colorblocks worked in new bi-stretch materials of an exceptional lightness, thanks notably to their multi-layer constructions and structures inspired by fish scales.


Smooth and ultra-light, these materials offer exceptional glide, ease and speed. They also successfully combine multiple performance features: fast-dry, anti-UV protection and eco-responsibility in recycled polyamides or stretch fibers.


These swimsuits perfectly mold to the body like second skins, and are notably both ergonomic and boldly styled.

Triathlon athletes also opt for body mapped wetsuits. Both functional and aesthetic, they stand up to every challenge: running, hiking and fresh or salt-water sports and more.



Première Fashion






Raised fabrics



In the Athleisure market, one-piece and bikinis remain in demand, and creative knit fabrics integrate multiple performance features.

Surfaces step into the spotlight and look alive. Wavy, shirred, embossed in a seersucker or jacquard vein, fabrics for these swimsuits have a liveliness perfect for showing off streamlined silhouettes on the beach. They’re innovative and built to last, and can stand up to chlorine, salt and sunlight. Colorways opt for dynamic, vitamin-rich shades, making them perfect to wear both for water sports and dancing at beach.







Shinkong Textile Co Ltd


Manifatture Italiane Scudieri – Mectex





Decorations and accessories



Plain or printed, bikini or one-piece, swimwear is gleefully decorated with accessories.

Highly feminine touches, such as bows or ruffles are used to trim sides and shoulders.

Buckles are also having a heyday. Clip-on, worked in bold color schemes, they accentuate both sporty and body-conscious models, and emphasize defined waists. When combined with the expressive round geometric curves of optical prints, they give a bold personality to simpler shapes with dramatically square necklines.


For more athleisure-oriented swimwear, strapless and asymmetrical bare-shouldered styles stand out. Graphic and elegant cut-outs and scoop necklines add drama to plains.  Warm shades such as sunny yellow or terracotta are combined with tortoise-shell buckles, for pure Mediterranean chic.

Bikinis, equally strapless, are accented with rounder composite buckles.


Materials are moving towards eco-responsibility thanks to biodegradable biopolymers.



















For S/S 21, swimwear for both high-intensity sports and athleisure play around with stylistic codes, to offer a range of products brilliantly combining performance, aesthetics and eco-responsibility, for pieces that are poised to take an enthusiastic leap into next season.






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