Square structures shape the Spring Summer 21 season

Structures for fabrics, leathers and accessories are squaring off for spring-summer 21!

Honeycombs, basketwovens, caning looks and square weaves are the signature of the season’s knits and wovens –  from men’s suitings with neat and precise geometric micro-reliefs, to utilitarian cottons with more pronounced surfaces and enlarged technical ripstops.

© Lanificio di Sordevolo / Première Vision Fabrics
© Kivanc Tekstil/ Première Vision Fabrics
© Manifattura Pacini Nello / Première Vision Fabrics
© Produce Sinapsi / Première Vision Fabrics
© Texever Plus / Première Vision Fabrics

The leathers are stamped with linear and refined geometries, methodically perforated, and grains are miniaturized.

© Mégisserie Lauret / Première Vision Leather
© CKD Cetinkaya / Première Vision Leather
© Fedi Silvano Leather Producer / Première Vision Leather

Accessories are also playing it fair and square, with more modular geometries, chains with squarer links, and buttons engraved with skilful gridded patterns.


Despite their rigorous appearance, these materials, which really vaunt their personality, are not at all heavy or rigid. They’re supple and articulated to accompany the body’s movements and help construct the volumes of garments with a new mobility.

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