SPORT & TECH: The new eco-responsible approaches


The Best survey conducted at the latest edition of Première Vision Paris revealed that Sport and Tech buyers are increasingly interested in new textiles joining performance, eco-responsibility and sophistication. Whether for men’s or women’s apparel, city-wear or outdoor, tech fabrics combine authenticity and technology, attractive appeal and function while becoming increasingly responsible.


It’s also clear that ever greater efforts are going into eco-responsibility. In order to best meet the needs of this evolving market, the Première Vision team has introduced 4 new performance codes presented at the last Première Vision Paris show.


Here, a chance to review some of the latest eco-responsible innovations in sports and technical fabrics via a selection of products to discover on the Marketplace website.


Première Vision exhibitors have developed products that offer concrete and effective industry solutions to meet this growing need for eco-responsibility and performance. These high-performance solutions include 3 major directions: innovations in terms of the fabrics themselves, transparency of production cycles and the fibres used.




Fibre choices



Organic natural fibres


One of the season’s particular features is the highly technical quality of waterproof, breathable and climatic fabrics, properties which are designed to be invisible. This technical sophistication is hidden under authentic handles, especially in wool and linen. The emergence of cottony corduroys confirms this search for authenticity. These natural materials increasingly combine organic certifications, especially in cotton, wool, silk and linen.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | PAKA INTERTEX CO.,LTD, South Korea | Réf : PK-BD1016-01 – CO CORDUROY 3LAYER| C60% PE35% SP5% | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Glarotex AG, Switzerland | Réf : 72031 – CO Trucco| 100% CO | See more





Recycled fibres 



Recycled fibres increase their market share in all Sports & Tech products.


The majority of them are made from recycled, natural or synthetic materials (mainly cotton, wool, linen, polyester, polyamide and silk). This direction is now a must in polyamide and fully developed in polyester. Elastane is on the rise while membranes are starting to appear.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Schoeller, Switzerland | Réf : 4695090702 – CO 4695090702| 47%RCYC.W 23%CV 16%PU 14%PA | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | YOUNG TEXTILE COMPANY, South Korea | Réf : ECO RTO85J – CO ECO RTO85J|46% RECYCLE POLYESTER, 54% ORGANIC COTTON | See more







This represents a new generation of materials created from transformed natural resources to achieve the same performance as synthetic fabrics. Unlike synthetic fibres, yarns are derived from a pulp made from organic materials such as castor oil. As of this season, they have their own performance code. Biopolymers are proposed in active wear knits as well as wovens, with properties and qualities identical to petroleum-derived synthetics.



Innovative fabrics




This season, fabrics embrace an innovative fineness, making them both lighter and more performant. This is particularly true at the high-altitude sport specialists. Extra-fine bondings, slimmed 3-layers, compacts and wind-proofs are particularly strongly represented in the exhibitors’ offer. The Wind-Proof performance code reflects the ability of a fabric to block wind through a weave, an impregnation or a membrane.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | KOREA SILKROAD CO.,LTD. South Korea | Réf : 0006879 – CO KS1111-52H-1| NYLON 100% | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | SENDYI(JIANGSU)TEXTILE CO.,LTD. China | Réf : N7932-2 – CO N7932-2| NYLON 100% | See more



This season, a new Down Proof performance code has also been added. Here, the property consists of blocking feathers or down inside a fabric. These are new versions of double-woven fabrics that allow for glue-less welding – an eco-responsible process as it reduces the process stages as well as the use of chemical products.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | PAKA INTERTEX CO.,LTD. South Korea| Réf : PK-KO9210-01 – CO MESH FOIL PU LAMINTION| PE100% | See more




Transparent processes and other new performance codes




Well recognized for several seasons now, the eco-friendly finishing performance code* indicates dyes and treatments meeting the most stringent international standards (regarding bleaching, the absence of heavy metals, use of water resources, depollution) such as PFC-free finishings for water-repellent and waterproof fabrics. This year the new Waterless code has also been added, to identify fabrics using dyes and finishes that consume much less water than standard methods.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Jiangsu Romrol Group Outdoor Material Co.,Ltd., China| Réf : RR-RN-190307-11 – CO Rainbow fabric| 100% NYLON | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Fabrics | Technical fabrics | M.I.T.I SPA, Italy| Réf : THERMAL GREEN – CO THERMAL GREEN| 83%RCYC.PA 17%RCYC.EA | See more



Another new performance code is traceability, which permits the identification of the history and location of material during the production chain. Product traceability is becoming more transparent with increasing numbers of labelled fibres and technologies, and greater transparency in the supply chain.



The new End-of-Life Process performance code indicates a material whose end-of-life has been taken into consideration from the design stage, for example materials that are biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable. The end-of-life approach includes both improving biodegradability and using recyclable fibres and elements.





Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Italian Converter, Italy| Réf : 7394FDR – CO E.C.O. AURORA| 25% PA 75% CO | See more




Whether through process transparency and traceability, low chemical and energy impact, waste reduction, or the use of bio-sourced and biodegradable materials, eco-responsible advances play a dominant role in Sport & Tech.


To find out more, discover the results of the Best Sport & Tech survey via a selection of fabrics on the Marketplace.




















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