Spinning a yarn for tomorrow

In September, Première Vision Yarns’ new Innovation & Technology sector honours the yarn industry’s most specialized and innovative companies: spinners, texturizing mills and fibre producers. 37.5® / Cocona Natural Technologies, Perma Corporation, UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber®, Shaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd. and Kyorene® Graphene Fiber and Yarn all showcase their respective know-hows. An overview of what’s new.



New body temperature-regulating properties coupled with optimal comfort for all natural fibres is a promise become reality at U.S. producer 37.5® / Cocona Natural Technologies. Their patented technology has made it possible to permanently integrate active particles in yarns. Originally designed to meet the needs of sport and outdoor-wear, this technology has also found applications in casual and elegant fashions, for go-anywhere comfort and style.

Likewise, the wide range of graphene oxide fibres and yarns developed by Kyorene® Graphene Fiber and Yarn lends fabrics and materials antibacterial, deodorant, anti-moth/insect, UV protection, thermal regulation and therapeutic infrared-action properties, as well as mechanical stability and washing resistance, making them perfect for all industrial textile applications, as well as sportswear and athleisure.


UMORFIL Beauty Fiber

Improving comfort and quality of life through textiles, whether for industrial or fashion uses, is equally the focus at Perma Corporation. Since 2016, this Thai producer of functional yarns in polyester and cotton / polyester blends has emerged as the international expert in Nano Zinc Oxide technology, which ensures that PERMA™ fibres have permanent antibacterial properties. This technical solution respects the environment and is applicable to all stages of the textile industry – from fibre to yarns and fabrics, and for all markets – women’s, men’s and children’s.

High-performance biodegradable materials also take the spotlight at Shaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd., whose high-performance non-dyed POY, FDY and DTY synthetic yarns include ATPDP® dope-dyed cationic polyesters, polyamides (nylon, polyester) with a low melting point of 110 °, DuPont TM Sorona® yarn and biodegradable filaments with antibacterial, anti-fire, anti-UV and quick-drying functionalities. The BIOFIB™ range, made of polybutylene succinate polymers, is 100% biodegradable, making it possible to combine comfort, a natural touch and strength all in one fabric.

At UMORFIL®, a respect for the environment and scientific research focused on well-being are the guiding principles behind the textile technology named after the company. Patented UMORFIL® technology uses recycled materials and integrates ocean peptide amino acids at a supramolecular level in fibres such as viscose, for a wide range of bionic functional fibres. The 100% biodegradable UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® combines Oeko-Tex 100 viscose and ocean amino acids to provide skin-friendly comfort and softness that are perfect ingredients for active fashions, second-skin fabrics and bedding.

Just some of the innovative research making fibres and yarns very key players – discreet, active and always surprising – in tomorrow’s fashions.

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