Spinning a new tale

From throwers specialising in nylon to designers of fantasy metallic yarns and spinners of multifunctional or smart yarns, the exhibitors debuting at Première Vision Yarns next September draw on specialised know-hows to expand the production and technical solutions available to designers.

From Taiwan come two newcomers, Tung Ho Textile Co., LTD and Dali Fiber.

The first, a spinner, is a specialist in natural and synthetic multifunctional yarns (cotton, polyester, rayon, acrylic). Its commitment to innovation stands out in its ‘drirelease’ range – where a combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibres ensures fast drying performance, comfort and odour control – and its SIRO advanced spinning process (SIRO-compact, SIRO-slub and SIRO-fuse), designed to give fibres a cottony feel, very low pilling rate and unique volume. Among the company’s latest innovations: a biodegradable and naturally antibacterial vegetable fibre made from bamboo; ecological, antistatic and insulating Seawool made from recycled PET plastic and oysters; Paramos PH Control viscose with carboxyl active agents; and Gokui, an incomparably soft and ultra-light acrylic fibre. 

Tung Ho

Dali Fiber

A specialist in texturising nylon fibres, Dali Fiber applies its cutting-edge expertise to a particularly wide and versatile offer of yarns, from Tactel and Supplex for INVISTA to Cloudier Melange Yarn and Cotton-Like Streaky Melange Yarn, with a blended fibre effect, that is as soft as cotton but as strong as a synthetic.  

India’s recycled polyester spinner Reliance combines performance and environmental attentiveness in its range of smart R|Elan™ yarns: Greengold (a sustainable fibre with one of the world’s lowest carbon impacts), Kooltex (perspiration management), Feelfresh (antimicrobial), SuperFeel (featherlight feel) and Freeflow (fluidity).

At the high-quality metallic yarn specialist Hirasim, the focus is on fantasy. With their very wide range of colours and fantasies, yarns from this Turkish company are perfect for adding a hint of shine to any fashion project, in addition to having technical applications.



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