We aRe SpinDye, as close as you can get to colour

As the fact is that nearly 20% of the world’s water pollution results from textile dyeing processes, We aRe SpinDye offers a yarn and fabric colouring method that reduces water use by 75%, and chemical use by 80%.


By developing a colorimetric tool capable of identifying all the existing hues in the world, We aRe SpinDye has created a catalog of 1950 colours, and an infallible method of anticipating their potential transformation depending on which fibre they are used on. Thus, no more disappointing surprises when ordered products arrive: whatever the fibre, the rendering is true to the selected colour.

What’s the secret? Applying a unique dye recipe to each colour on offer. Once condensed, the pigment becomes the master ingredient of the dye. Mixed with polyester or recycled polyester, this is then integrated into the fibre even before extrusion, for a definitively more intense colour rendering, reliable bath after bath, regardless of the textile. This technique also significantly reduces environmental impact.

For a more sustainable approach to production, We aRe SpinDye has developed its own certificate, which guarantees a low amount of chemicals – as well as low water, CO2, and energy consumption – used in finished products . It also works with SWEREA, a Swedish NGO tasked with validating products according to the Life Cycle Assessment standards.

Dyes with high-quality and integrity, to compel the industry to adopt the new standards it needs.

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