Designed for Life: Soorty's new A20W21 collections

World of denim, designed for life

Soorty‘s new collection offers a wide range targeting a variety of lifestyles, consumer tribes and realities. It brings together the practical and the stylish, the responsibly manufactured and the technological to offer a WORLD OF DENIM, DESIGNED FOR LIFE.

For AW 20/21, Soorty takes its inspiration from nature itself, paying respect to all its aspects.

Taking all the good things it has learnt from the past, and moving on with improvements, sustainability becomes a fact.

Sharing is key here – collaborations, partnerships, building value, forging bonds that take the industry forward are the kick-starters of better days to come.


Re-born classics that are made to last.

Worn through the iconic denim love, vintage becomes the new luxury.

  • Pieces to collect now, that will be tomorrow’s new vintage.
  • Re-interpretations of familiar heroes.
  • Core denim ranges, enhanced by neo-rustic constructions with character.

Extreme twills, heavier fabrics, selvedge and nostalgic details come together. Handwork, artisanship, quilting and heritage are quite strong.




Cradle to Cradle, Soorty’s design system for developing sustainable products based on a circular economy, improves the way to MAKE, USE & RE-USE items.

Soorty launched its C2C GOLD CERTIFIED TM denim fabric line last season, offering a wide range of fabrics from light- to heavy- weights in a variety of constructions.

Kiss roll

For consumers looking for everyday basics with a twist of technology or a fine-tuned touch. For an effortless chic: not trying-too-hard but looking perfect in the end.

  • Everyday essentials
  • Daily wear
  • Simplicity with a twist of styling, technology, coatings, or crispy weaves.

Kiss Roll - Fashion Shades

High Energy

High energy

As the dynamic, high-pace of daily life is here to stay, so are HIGH ENERGY fabrics to accompany the wearer throughout their journey.

Performance properties and innovation are key. Sportswear and classic tailoring are more and more integrated. The pace of technological progress has created a world where unusual alliances are enhanced by the digital universe. Sartorial touches fuse with traditional sportswear silhouettes.

To discover Soorty’s collection, join them this 28th – 29th May in Milan for the Denim PV show.

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