Smartfiber AG: new generation fibres

The greatest forces are found in nature. When the power of marine algae and zinc meets cellulose, the result is sustainable and eco-friendly textile fibres, developed from 100% natural resources.

Since 2005, many mills, brands and manufacturers have been using Smartfiber AG, a precursor in the responsible-textile industry, for its nourishing, hygienic and eco-friendly fibres.

Discover at their corner two new generation fibres with amazing qualities: SeaCell, developed from shredded seaweed with antioxidant properties, and Smartcell, composed of zinc oxide, ideal for sensitive skin prone to allergies. Once mixed with wood pulp and incorporated in cellulose, they form fibres that can rival the virtues of Tencel.

Closed circuit production offers a zero waste guarantee, thanks to an organic and bio-degradable solvent that’s 99.9% recyclable. The properties of marine algae and zinc are thus preserved in the heart of the fibre, washing after washing, in new generation textiles that exceed all expectations. In addition to avoiding any environmental impact, SeaCell and Smartcell have an effect on the skin that’s equal to that of top cosmetics.

These fibres meet the needs of today’s consumers in every respect, for skin-friendly and fully biodegradable fashion items.

Smartfiber AG fibres are guaranteed by the following designations and labels: OEKO TEX 100, Vincotte Home composting, TITK Biodegradable, EPA registration, EU Eco Label, ISPO Top Innovation, NOP Certified Organic, USDA Biopreferred.


Meet the Smartfiber AG team in Hall 3 at the Smart Square!

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