The Smart Talks: all you need to know about the circular economy

Next May 29, Denim PV will host a series of Smart Talks dedicated to “Contemporary Visions for Smart-Tech Denim”, covering everything you ever wanted to know about the circular economy.

The key objective of these Smart Talks is to give you an overview of what happens at each step of the entire value chain. From yarns, fabrics, materials, dyeing & finishing and new production machinery to a brand new mindset and ways of doing business. This is a platform to develop, support and offer new choices and values to meet the contemporary consumer’s desire for aesthetic, innovative and responsible fashion consumption.

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Contemporary Visions for Smart-Tech Denim

#1 Partnerships transforming the fashion-materials value chain

Wednesday 29 at 10am

Simon Giuliani – Global Marketing Director at Candiani S.p.A.
Shinohe Hiroaki for ROICA™ – Chief Marketing officer in Asahi Kasei Spandex Europe
Uwe Kippschnieder, Denim Developer at Closed


Candiani is always at the cutting edge of new technologies and materials when it comes to responsible innovation. Partnerships with leading material producers and brands are central to its business model: to be pioneering and a leader in its market. ReLAST is the proof and latest achievement of this strategy: a range of market-fresh responsible denim products designed by Candiani that tick every smart box: from new ways in colouration, to better, more sustainable raw materials, new finishing and fade-tech that minimises water waste, and now a key added stretch ingredient, thanks to a specially developed GRS-certified premium stretch yarn by Asahi Kasei developed only for Candiani. This perfectly completes this range, making better, more sustainable and sharp fashions for brands and consumers looking to live and wear better with better values.

Asahi Kasei Corp is a global chemical company founded in 1931 in Japan. Asahi Kasei Fibers & Textiles SBU offers two main premium-fibre brands: ROICA™ and Bemberg™.  ROICA is a premium stretch fibre and is now available in a specific range called ROICA Eco-Smart™ – the world’s first responsibly made premium stretch yarns to offer sustainable solutions with relevant performance and certifications:

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  • ROICA EF – made using more than 50% pre-consumer recycled content and certified with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) owned by the Textile Exchange.
  • ROICA™ V550 yarn – Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold Level for Material Health product and ingredients. ROICA™ V550 yarn has been evaluated throughout the supply chain for lower impact on human and environmental health. Striving toward eliminating all toxic and unidentified chemicals for a safe continuous cycle, ROICA™ V550 yarn proudly breaks down without releasing harmful substances, according to the Hohenstein Environment Compatibility Certificate.

#2 Avant-garde creativity refashions the modern denim language

Wednesday 29 at 11am

Elin Larsson, Advisor and lecturer for Sustainability & Circularity at Filippa K
Federico Corneli, Founder and CEO of Haikure / CEO of CS Jeans


Discover a smart innovation that will revolutionize denim. Elin Larsson will share with you Filippa K’s passion for design and the brand’s strategy to create long-lasting pieces, to give life to a smaller, indeed smarter, contemporary wardrobe.

Haikure will share its commitment to transparency, fundamental to the company since its beginnings in 2007, as clearly demonstrated by the application of QR technology. The Haikure story is one of change and innovation, a story that sets a new vision where high fashion and sustainability exist in harmony. First launched in 2011 by CS Jeans, a renowned Italian denim manufacturer, Haikure takes its name from the minimalist Japanese poetic composition. The garments are crafted with environmental and social sustainability in mind from their inception.

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#3 Naturally smart colour performance


Wednesday 29 at 12pm

Manel Subirats, Founder and CEO of Greendyes
Alessandro Maria Butta, Colori La Campana

The panel will guide the audience through the fascinating world of natural dyeing. The two speakers will introduce two different but complementary directions, where technology is the key differentiator. Performant, innovative, creative but still environmentally responsible!


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#4 Cutting-edge machine technologies for pioneering smart creativity

Wednesday 29 at 1pm

Simone Sottocasa, Sales Division, Shima Seiki
Patrick Silva, Responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts at the Santoni group
Roberto Vago, technology advisor, Acimit


Shima Seiki, Santoni and Acimit are three key players in terms of innovation in the machine industry.

Usually, knitwear is produced by knitting each part separately and then sewing them all together. In contrast, Shima Seiki’s Wholegarment knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine, preventing wasted material such as cut loss and seam allowance.



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Santoni recently launched the X Machine, offering the possibility to knit countless intarsia items to obtain seamless uppers. The machine makes it possible to map different areas according to the type of yarn used and the various combinations chosen, so as to produce a final product that is ready for the application of the sole, the final shoe manufacturing stage.

Acimit (Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers) will close the panel by sharing its 70-year experience as a private, non-profit body, whose main purpose is promoting the Italian textile machinery sector. It will highlight the need for optimized management of production processes to reduce both consumption and waste, and the correlation between Industry 4.0 and sustainability. This is the underlying framework of the “Targa Verde” project, which aims to provide end users with the best information for classifying the production process.


#5 Transforming values for a contemporary denim wardrobe

Wednesday 29 at 2pm

Paqui Ferrer – Marketing Director Hilaturas Ferre, SA – Recover®
Roian Atwood – Director of Sustainability – Wrangler
Johan Ekman – Global denim development Responsible – Weekday 


The RECOVER® system, developed by the Hilaturas Ferre company, involves the recycling of textile waste and clothing. RECOVER® cotton comes from the processing of pre- and post-consumer cotton waste from all over the world. This waste is collected and sorted by quality and color, then shred and turned into the RECOVER® cotton fiber, adding recycled PET to attain the correct performance qualities.

NO DYES / NO PESTICIDES or FERTILIZERS / minimum water consumption / CO2 production almost equal to zero / through the use of solar energy

These assessments have been calculated through LCA work, verified by the Universitat de València and UNESCO. Recover® is free of hazardous substances, and exceeds ZDHC and Reach Compliance.



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#6 MYAR a modern view of the past


Wednesday 29 at 3pm

Speaker: Andrea Rosso founder of MYAR

MYAR by Andrea Rosso was born of an obsessive observation with what people are wearing on the street, and how it all connects back to army-clothing functionality. Army life is about belonging to a group with a unique set of values and commands. MYAR, an anagram of the word “army” and also Andrea Rosso’s initials, brings together different individuals from all walks of life sharing a passion for vintage army gear, to the point that it becomes a dress code. Within the military dress code, every single garment is an individual story of function, design, color, pattern, material and fabric composition. MYAR honours each of these garments with modern interpretations that increase the power of each story by putting the word on the street.

One of MYAR’s values is sustainability, which is expressed through the upcycling of used clothes and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. MYAR highlights the pieces’ aesthetics and functional design, placing them in a “peaceful” context, unlike the one they were originally designed for.


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All the Smart Talks are presented and moderated by Giusy Bettoni, Première Vision Sustainability Consultant.

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