Smart Talk / Evrnu bets on customised recycling


Report of the Smart Talk of September 19, 2018 during Première Vision Paris. « Changing the Fiber Landscape through Performance and Environmental Advantages | Stacy Flynn, CEO and Co-Founder of Evrnu and Christopher Stanev, CSO and Co-Founder of Evrnu. »

For the founders of a start-up focused on regenerating post-consumer textile waste, success demands high-performance technology, in line with established industry standards.

How to transform cotton clothes into a radically new fibre, itself recyclable? Evrnu’s solution consists in working at the molecular level to transform the liquid cellulose extracted from the waste. The result is a regenerated fibre with a look and feel similar to the original material, but with far superior technical properties in terms of robustness and fineness … At Première Vision Paris, co-founders Stacy Flynn and Christopher Stanev underlined the ecological scope of the process: a reduction of textile waste dumped in the wild, eliminated need for water for cotton growing and forestry, 80% lower CO2 emissions than that caused by polyester and elastane. Commercially, they hold and license the technology and a concept attuned to brands’ needs.

In this highly competitive market, Evrnu is already thinking about tomorrow. “We are already able to break down cotton, polyester and poly-cotton blends. Most certainly, the next step will be elastane and nylon 6,” says Christopher Stanev.

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