The Denim PV tote! A smart collaboration with Advance Denim and M&J

For the first Milan edition of Denim Première Vision, we wanted to highlight the know-how and sustainable commitments of the Denim PV exhibitors through a collaboratively designed Denim PV tote.

Take a look behind the scenes of this creative and eco-conscious collaboration between Advance Denim, M&J and Denim Première Vision.

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A jacquard denim from Advance

The catchy message of our totebag comes alive on an amazing indigo denim jacquard, exclusively created for the event by the talented Chinese mill Advance Denim.

Advance Denim cares about environmental sustainability in their business. They approach everything with a green mindset, and try to make the best choices. Company production is focused on less energy consumption, less water usage, and less waste to decrease the carbon footprint.

They participate in industry initiatives and run the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) Higg Index 2.0 in 2016 (score 58) and continue to use it as a performance measurement. They continuously focus on improving the production process, renewable energies and innovative technologies. This improvement means they see year-on-year reduced energy consumption.

Reduce water consumption

Advance achieved a 34% reduction in water consumption per yard produced from 2013 to 2017. They have installed their own wastewater treatment plants too. Treatments are monitored and tracked in real time to enhance transparency and the quality of water. This water, which returns to source, ranks well above national standards.

Reduce air emissions

At their own thermal power plant, they use denitrification, desulfurization and electrostatic precipitation to reduce air pollutants.

Better chemical management

For cleaner energy and steam, they use good quality anthracite, which produces no smoke or soot residue when burned.

Limited industrial waste

They are planning to install new machine technology to recycle dyed-yarn waste and regenerate this yarn into pigment dye powder. This recycled dye-stuff can help reduce the waste they generate.

Advance Denim and the new Aniline Free Indigo by Archroma

Advance Denim is launching a denim fabric using aniline free indigo dyeing, Archroma Denisol Pure 30. For designers and brand owners who long for authentic indigo inspiration, the new Denisol® Pure Indigo 30 now makes it possible to produce indigo-dyed denim without high levels of aniline impurities.

A generously sized,  multi-pocketed design by M&J

Together with Advance Denim and Denim Première Vision, garment manufacturer M&J has created a super-trendy tote bag, generously sized and full of practical pockets, designed for your business needs.

M&J believe that real business quality cannot be achieved unless it takes responsibility for its social, ethical and environmental impact on customers, employees and the world they live in.

The social responsibility they have committed to is not only about compliance with the minimum legal requirements, it’s about improving quality of life and work for all concerned, by trying to go beyond the standards.

Caring for Environment

Using advanced technologies in all their production processes, they’re aiming to take care of environmental concerns effectively. They have waste treatment facilities (ETP) to bring down their waste quality to an environmentally acceptable level before discharging.


“Start to measure” is the very first fact-checker of sustainable change. M&J used technology to develop an inventive new way to collect and gauge data regarding resource consumption throughout the entire laundry process.

This way, everyone can stay aware of what they are wearing by checking water consumption, resource consumption, chemicals used and total value-added time per garment.

Don’t miss the chance to get your own exclusive tote bag and discover all the know-hows and commitments of Denim PV’s 93 exhibitors next 28th and 29th May in Milan.

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