“Show and Marketplace: You can’t have one without the other!”

Isaline Fruleux, head of sourcing and supply development at Maje, has been a Première Vision Marketplace client for the past few months. She reveals to us its various advantages and envisions new avenues for its development.

© Conceria Montbello, Hironen Co, Belinac



© Conceria Montbello, Hironen Co, Belinac

You joined the Première Vision Marketplace at the start of the year. What do you think are its main advantages?

We discovered the Marketplace at the last show in February and quickly decided to make use of it. After a few months of experience, we think it represents a real added value. It facilitates communication and saves you an incredible amount of time. On the site, we can find extensive information about each of the suppliers and a wide choice of samples as well as all the prices, which are often quite difficult to obtain. On several occasions, I’ve chosen a fabric, waited two weeks to learn the price, and had to give it up because it wasn’t in line with our budget. And it’s very difficult, once you’ve had your eye on one print, to have to go in another direction!

How has this new service affected your relationships with your suppliers?

People think that this type of virtual platform alters your relationships, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Thanks to the Marketplace, we have increased our interactions with both our usual suppliers and all the others. The site is so valuably exhaustive, and that broadens our horizons and enriches our own culture. I was recently looking for lace and I was fascinated by the richness of the offer on the site. At the same time, the platform can also be used for highly targeted searches. If I want to find a jacquard, I can immediately access all the proposals. This continual supply of information is perfectly in line with the new pace of fashion, which demands a high level of reactivity from us.

Has the Marketplace in any way affected your anticipation of the show?

The Marketplace doesn’t mean not participating in the various show editions, which are still irreplaceable in terms of fashion information and networking. In fact, I think the two tools are very complementary. You can’t have one without the other! At the same time, I expect the Marketplace to continue to develop. While the fabric offer is quite significant, the site has to be further enriched, especially in terms of supplies. I think its success depends on building a thorough representation of all the sectors covered by Première Vision itself.

Since September 18:

  • 5,200 online products (fabrics & leathers)
  • 3,200 samples ordered
  • 3,700 buyers who have created accounts

Next step:

September 19: Accessory and component makers’ catalogues go online

To find out more:
The Première Vision Marketplace will blow out its first candle at the September show.
This BtoB e-commerce platform presents the collections of Première Vision exhibitors throughout the year.

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