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On May 28 and 29 in Milan, during the Denim Première Vision show, two brand ambassadors selected for us their 5 favorite pieces among all the denim trends of the AW 20/21 season. Captain Denim and Hiut denim reveal their preferences that you discovered at the show and that you can find on each of the compagnies’ websites.


Capitan Denim is a brand specialized on sustainable jeans with its own factory in the heart of La Mancha. The company defends the motto “Made in Spain”, “Made in Green” and ethic and sustainable fashion, that respects the working conditions as well as the environment, amongst other essential aspects.

While the textile sector in general helps to create wealth and employment, Capitan Denims production and manufacturing goes a step further since the revitalization of the economy is done locally.

With a team of almost 50 people and a production of approximately 500 jeans per day, Capitan Denim Directives are “proud” of being able to integrate the entire production process of a denim garment in a single location, betting on the local, the nearby, the traditional as well as defending decent working conditions and respect for the environment

5 favourite products of the show:

1. ETIMED 9109 – label water based

Hang tag mark Etimed, combined and composed of recycled paper of seaweed and 100% recycled cotton fabric. Both materials complement each other perfectly, for their freshness and softness in touch.

The unique concept of reusing algae has the EU sponsorship. The collection of the algae, their extraction and later use as a replacement for the cellulose in the manufacture of this paper, gave a solution to the unwanted problem of the algae, giving rise to an ecological, beautiful and unique product.

100% recycled and biodegradable paper. lts manufacture comes from biomass that does not come from recycled fiber trees. lts composition does not contain chemical additives.

Paper with certification of the chain of custody of Forest origin (FSC).

Recycled / reclaimed cotton is a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. The cotton is recycled by combining the rest of cottons together. The recycling process is respectful with the environment, since no new cotton is used. lt is also less harmful to the environment, because it avoids the processes of collection, spinning and dyeing, in addition to saving energy.

Recycled cotton is made from waste fabrics. In this way the use of virgin cotton is reduced, it saves a large amount of water, C02 and other impacts that derive from traditional cotton cultivation.

From Etiquetas del Mediterraneo we bet by the use of recycled cotton by this way provides, a new use to materials that otherwise would have ended up tumed into waste.

2. KURABO KDA10391 – selvedge Denim


3. RAYMOND UCO – Ruther Ford Fabric

Weave : 3/1 RHT

Cuttable Width : 62″

Weight : 11,5

Composition : COTTON 96% POLY 3% ELASTANE 1%

Wrap Skg% : 0-3

Weft Skg% : 17-20


4. RAYMOND UCO – 19478,

Weave : 3/1 RHT

Cuttable Width : 61″

Weight : 11

Composition : COTTON 92.5% POLY 6.5% ELASTANE 1%

Wrap Skg% : 0-3

Weft Skg% : 11-14



This item is recycled denim from our RENIM campaign, attached the technical characteristics;

RE ALF – 67% CO -16 % RCO – 1% EL – RPES 16% Weave 3/1 RH CM total 148 Cm Useful 145 OZ/y2 11 1/2 Stretch 23


Huw Thomas, Marketing Manager, Hiut Denim

Working under the banner ‘do one thing well’ Hiut Denim is a pure player jeans brand based in Cardigan, Wales.

The cult-brand gives the weavers it works with a name check; fits and fabrics for men and women are kept to a strong core offer and the brand’s limited edition production is in high demand.

5 favourite products of the show:

1.Kurabo – JCW5 washi

2. Berto – Globe Safari

Composition is 98%cotton 2% elastan; it’s a color denim of 10 ozs ,designed for men . The warp is dyed on a new line with a less consumption of water (around  50% less) , saving around 50% of energy

3. KUROKI – Y1610-51-HD

The Y1610-19-HD is a cotton 100% chino, made the old way with yarn dye in warp and vat dyed in weft. This give to the construction three dimensionality aspect. Very tightly woven it gets better with the usage. Nice taste of the material come with washings, and wash after wash it gets smoother and nicer.

4. BERTO – Kone Broken

BERTO – Kone Broken: composition is 100% cotton; it’s a selvedge fabric made with original shuttle looms of 60’s . The broken twill style gives at the fabric a particular authentic looks . The dye process is a next generation dyes: they can produce intense cast which at the same time are easy to wash. Saving chemical substance, water and eletricity


It was just an idea of a stretch linen with organic cotton but it hasn’t enter production yet, as to sustainability it is clear that no matter what sustainable product you want to use, you will end up doing damage in any case.
All the world is concentrating on sustainable material, but does the world consider how much material is needed by all producers worldwide?
This doesn’t exactly help sustainability considering that to make a t-shirt 5000 litre of waters is needed.

The problem is that there are too many producers and too much product,.
But we can’t do much about this. What can be done is to try to make and use better product that last longer*, only this way can help reduce consumption and heavy usage of the land.

*what is important Is to refrain from presenting new collection every week at extremely cheap pricing. To have people buy more, by quickly, but then throw away very easily

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