Sedacor: cork, a catalyst for creativity

Since 1924, Sedacor has specialised in the sustainable and responsible production of cork. With its Cork’n Roll products, the company offers natural materials and textiles meeting all sustainable development criteria, without forgetting design and quality.


Modern, unique and innovative, these materials are particularly popular for footwear, and come in a wide range of patterns and colour schemes, developed from a cork extracted from sustainably cultivated oak. Thus, Sedacor invites you to be part of the creation of a new ecosystem: cork oak forests. Located in the Mediterranean region, mainly Portugal, these plantations absorb up to 14 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

Extracted under the best conditions, the cork is then transformed into game-changing and innovative materials, agglomerated where necessary for a more technical rendering. All in a wide range of colours.
By banning the use of heavy metals and favouring organic solvents and mineral fibres, the company has committed to protecting the environment while offering new creative and aesthetic solutions to the textile industry.

A product offering ever more freedom, comfort and appeal to creative industries, while committing to the preservation of the planet.

Discover Sedacor fabrics in the Smart Square, Hall 3.

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