An interview with Riccardo Gorone: Export Manager and Marketing Executive Manager of Seab

Riccardo Gorone: Export Manager and Marketing Executive Manager of Seab



The Première Vision Marketplace launched the opening of its digital accessories offer at the last Première Vision Paris show from 17 to 19 September. The Marketplace team seized on this opportunity to meet Riccardo Gorone, Export Manager and Marketing Executive Manager of Seab.


Seab is an Italian company specialised in exclusive textile accessories. A family business, founded in 1982, Seab has become the industry leader, playing an especially prominent role in the luxury sector.



Hello Riccardo, could you start us off by introducing yourself?


Hi, I’m Riccardo Gorone, Export Manager and Marketing Executive at Seab Srl. I’m the son of one of the two founders (Andrea Gorone and Franco Bartoletti) and, together with Massimo Bartoletti, I am a part of the second generation of a company that has been in the business since 1982 and has undergone several changes.



Seab is a family business – what is the significance of that for your company? 


It means that Seab is like a family, small in size, composed of a close-knit and skilled team. We “travel light,” ready to meet the all the different needs of a changing and constantly evolving market.





What’s the specific nature of your company and its products? 


When SEAB was founded, it was named for the Italian acronym of “Clothing Labels Service”. The company then evolved over time and adapted its capabilities. As I mentioned earlier, we have adjusted our strategy by expanding the product catalogue and specialising in exclusive products, especially personalized embroidery, done both by machine and by hand, thanks to a global network of companies and laboratories.



Embroidery from the AW 20-21 collection presented in September on the Premiere Vision show



Exclusivity plays a fundamental role in your product offer. What exactly does that mean in terms of your offer?


Exclusivity is integral to our high-quality and customised client service – each client and designer has his or her own needs. We pay individual attention to them, and follow their needs from the product development stage, to the care we take in its design, to providing advice regarding technical choices and materials, right on through to its onsite delivery.



Excellence in terms of know-how is also part of your company’s values. How is this reflected in the Seab style?


It translates in many ways. It means above all reliability.  SEAB makes its technical capabilities available through a global network of laboratories and production departments throughout the world, which are specialised in specific kinds of work.  A prime example: hand purl embroidery. SEAB has four workshops in Pakistan and one in India (the only countries where the craft of hand embroidery is not just an artisanal know-how but an art).


And know-how means quality, because our materials and techniques are absolutely exclusive, fully researched, and not easy to find. There are several reasons why SEAB built this global network. Our expertise has taken us to the farthest corners of the world in search of unique techniques that leave no room for compromise in terms of quality-related excellence. You also have to take into account work ethics, based on the cultures of these various countries, so in this sense, we can call it “multicultural” work. Different cultures and countries communicate with each other, mutually benefiting from the experience.



Can you tell us something about your clients and their specific expectations? 


First of all, SEAB, precisely because it keeps pace with trends and constant changes in the market, is positioned in the luxury sector, and those customers, quite understandably, have very high expectations. It is not easy to give physical expression to the extraordinary ideas of designers and creatives, and we do our best to implement them. Over the years SEAB has branched out into footwear and luxury leather goods, carefully following machining-process resources and taking care of the precious materials that clients make available for personalised work.

Their expectations? Well, they want the best of the best, and that’s exactly what SEAB has to offer.



As we all saw again at the latest Première Vision Paris show, eco-responsibility is now essential, even in the accessories industry. What are some of Seab’s concrete actions and projects in this field?



Our products all comply with European REACH legislation, for example, and we try to ensure that the quality of our products is maintained within various quality standards.

Starting next season, we’ll be introducing embroideries made from recycled yarns, and expand the possibility of using transparent fishing line in a variety of colours. We like looking for more and more materials and possibilities, to help creatives express themselves, always in the service of their own ideas.



You put creativity right at the heart of your collections. Can you tell us about the creative process at Seab and more generally about your sources of inspiration?



We’re not always hunting down the latest trend, sometimes we go with personal inspirations, like artist’s drawings, or modern, contemporary or baroque art, depending on whichever technique best reflects a certain type of design, a mix of colours or surfaces. That’s also why we work in transversal fields that do not always follow fashion but rather artistic projects, with exclusive works that operate outside the shared logic of the market. As I said, our products are often and intentionally artistic creations, which create added value thanks to particular processes and exclusive developments.



Product from the AW 20-21 collection presented in September on the Premiere Vision show




Tell us about some of the inspirations and highlights of your coming Winter 20/21 collection.


Our inspirations include trompe l’oeil, not so much in terms of the design content as for the materials – silicones imitating metals, polyurethanes that create designs like pencils, stones and resistant materials with high technical performance – and for their applications.

The star of the season is the magic of transfers. The patterns look like they’ve been created directly on the fabric, but they haven’t.

We’ve also been focusing on printing leather, which is difficult to print, it’s such a delicate material. For quite a while we’ve been studying a hybrid technique to obtain the best results, which is how LTIP (Low Temperature Indirect Print) was born.



Printed leather presented on Premiere Vision show in September


You were one of the first accessory suppliers to put your trust in the Marketplace… why? What are your expectations for the platform?


We’ve always trusted the Première Vision ecosystem.  In general, when you’ve been in business since 1982 and followed all the changes in the world of communications, you have to be interested in the internet as well. We overhauled the look of our website,, in 2017 so it could provide a broad overview of our techniques and products. We’ve never worked with stock, because every time we develop a project we take a personalised approached, in line with the client’s expectations – the creativity is theirs, we bring our know-how and experience.

So we think that the Marketplace, which is much more than a sales platform, can serve as a showcase where we can present our new products, gain exposure and develop new contacts. We believe that this is the true meaning of the internet: a gateway to solid and lasting relationships. Our mission is essentially to build bridges between all the various ways we think about sales: to consider the overall market, which is so global, yet not forget that, inside this global reality, there are independent realities where quality still makes all the difference and where work and creativity embrace a human, personal, professional ethic with a face, which is that of our company and the people who work here.


To discover the products of Seab online, click here.





Having been, it is a condition to be.”


From the beginning this phrase from the French historian Braudel has accompanied us along our long and distinct professional journey.
SEAB was founded in 1982 by Franco Bartoletti and Andrea Gorone who are still at the helm of the business. In the course of those years, SEAB has developed into a leader in exclusive textile accessories for the luxury market.



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