Printlab: Scandinavian design hits New York

For the second time, you will find the cool and contemporary printstudio Printlab in the design area.

Printlab comes out of the artistic and vibrant environment of Copenhagen and has a long and successful experience in the fashion industry. 

Printlab grew up with H&M and has contributed to their print look all the way through the 90’s and 00’s. Along side their strong commercial knowledge, Printlab has been working with a lot of high end brands. Printlab has a customer base in Scandinavia and NYC and are eager to introduce their look to the American market !

At this show you will find a new and fresh take on florals, interpreted with a modern and digital look as well as a bohemian, nostalgic new look on the classic flower. Also bold and exotic florals in a hand painted manner are in for SS20. After seasons with a lot of florals, an ethnic take on geometrics, gives us a playful story with a warm holiday mood. Tyedye pastels are in for oversize’s tees and resort shirts. The aesthetic and simple prints for menswear are not to be missed as well as cool stripe and check patchwork combinations, and a bit of fun conversational….

At Printlab all prints are in repeat, each color is cleaned up and when layers are used to create a design these are included. This makes our prints easy and cheaper to use.

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