You say "Made in", she says "Made by"!

DBF - Carrousel

De Bonne Facture is the exclusively men’s ready-to-wear brand created by Deborah Neuberg.

After working with design teams of luxury retail brands, Déborah Neuberg created De Bonne Facture, an exclusively masculine brand with pure and timeless lines. Initially inspired by her father’s elegance, every trip, movie or exhibition adds to her inspiration. For each one of her collections, she finds the deepest meaning by meeting each manufacturing workshop she works with. In a world governed by mass consumption, her fight is to go back to a responsible, sustainable and high quality fashion produced locally and with a great attention to detail. Her brand is therefore entirely made in France but beyond this essential criterion, she wishes to highlight the know-how of each workshop she works with. Hence, every piece in her ready-to-wear collections – which she calls “wardrobe” – is marked with a label “Made by”. For the most curious ones, you can find a presentation of each of these workshops on her website.

For the 2019 Made in France Première Vision edition, De Bonne Facture designed two 100% French wool prototypes as part of the TRICOLOR project.

DBF - vignette

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