Saga Furs for quality bidding!

With fur in the spotlight, brands are quite rightly demanding full transparency from their suppliers. This is the mission behind the Saga Furs auction house, which strives to offer fashion lovers quality furs respectful of animal welfare. It ensures that each pelt sold to brands at Saga Fur auctions comes from a farm whose working conditions are 100% compliant with ethical criteria.

Thanks to its constantly evolving Saga Certification tool, based on the Council of Europe’s standards, the auction house can monitor the breeding conditions of the animals providing the pelts. In this way, Saga Furs can also apply the strictest standards in countries where such regulations have not yet been established. Its new program Welfur, planned for 2019, will allow an even more precise study of animal welfare.

Thanks to its traceability program, Saga Furs conscientiously monitors the breeding conditions of each farm with which it works, and is thus able to provide brands with clear and transparent documents regarding the origins of their furs. Consumers are also provided information: thanks to the RFID remote identification tool, they can scan a garment’s label to immediately learn the entire production chain.

Concrete proof that a reasonable use of animal furs can be more ethical than that of polluting synthetic furs, and a new victory for transparency, from farms to the windows of the finest shops.

The Saga Furs team awaits you at the Smart Square, Hall 3!

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