ROICA™, combining recycling and new technologies

When teamed with the right creative garment, a high-quality textile can change the way we think about fashion. Asahi Kasei has founded its entire know-how on this conviction, certain that responsible fashion isn’t just a trend but the new driver of the industry. ROICA-2

The result is the ROICA™ premium stretch fibre, adaptable to every kind of garment and every segment of the modern wardrobe, whether sportswear, lingerie or athleisure. Starting with this fibre, the company has developed the Eco Smart Family range, based on two responsible and innovative principles:

– yarns with 50% pre-industrialized recycled fibres, a world first in the technical textile industry, certified by the Textile Exchange and meeting the Global Recycled Standard

– yarns with no impact on people or the environmental, meeting criteria in the Material Health category of the Cradle to Cradle certification.

Thanks to its ever-evolving R&D program, ROICA™ has been adopted by leading sportswear brands and is now a leader in the innovation market and among the new generations of intelligent textiles.

Ensuring quality, high strength and comfort, adaptable to everyday basics as well as the most sophisticated pieces, ROICA™ is a must for clients interested in committing to responsible fashions.

ROICA™ has the Global Recycled Standard label, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Oeko Tex Standard 100 certifications.


See you at the Smart Square to embrace the yarns of the future!

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