The Richard Mégisserie Richard strives for high-end leathers committed to the future of the planet

The Mégisserie Richard makes it a point of honour to ensure the high quality of its leathers as well as a reduced environmental impact during the manufacturing process, while simultaneously proposing innovative creations each season.



The company is specialised in the manufacturing of high-end full aniline lambskin, and offers more than 60 colours, with a minimum order quantity of one skin. The Mégisserie Richard works specifically on quality lambskins from a few select places such as Aveyron in France and Entrefinos in Spain. These skins are most often treated in a nappa – the famous Millau dipped lamb – or sueded manner.

Since 2006, a new state-of-the-art production unit has been specifically designed to meet the latest environmental standards. All finishings are made without solvent, the raw material supply favours ultra-short circuits and innovative water treatment projects are underway.

Research is focused on mechanical grains, and natural or irregular grains usually not present on this kind of lamb skin. New developments also include ” pearly shine” aspects.

Latest fashion news

  • “Flotteur grain”: lamb skin with a mechanical grain evoking the natural grain of deer hide, with the suppleness of lambskin. Target market: shoes
  • Socire: thicker lamb skin, with a covering finish, with enhanced resistance. Target market: sneakers.



  • Drummed grain: dry drummed lamb skin with a light grain dissimulating small piqué defects
  • Perlato: Lamb with a lustrous pearl finish, with a subtle nacré effect. Elegant and chic, it is also more resistant. Use: leather goods.


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