Ribbontex introduces its products at Denim Première Vision

Ribbontex is an Italian’s company which has a 30 years experience in the textile field.

In the recent years Ribbontex has specialized in production of both rigid and elastic customized ribbons also for small runs and limited editions.

Today the company counts 140 machines perfectly set to perform many different processes.

Ribbontex is coming for the first time to Denim Première Vision in Milan for the A20W21 edition and the company is proud to present you their collection. Below some pictures of the Ribbontex’s products.


Between past & future

Ribbontex skillfully combines past and future. The experience achieved after decades of work and production of these articles fits perfectly with the desire to constantly experiment with new materials, new techniques and even new color combinations.
The products are highly elaborated and they reflect the craftsmanship of “the made in Italy”, but at the same time the prices are in any case interesting thanks to continuous renewal and the modern machinery that the company uses in order to always offer the best services.



Sustainable products

Ribbontex is very attentive to the health of the environment and believes that eco-sustainable products are the future.
The path could still be long, but starting is a duty to ourselves and our successors.
Therefore, in the last few seasons Ribbontex has started producing articles in this direction in both its internal divisions, from organic cotton tapes to biodegradable labels.
All these items that have no negative environmental impact.
And, more importantly, Ribbontex is entirely studying the new collection in this light.

20_AI 2019-20_RIBBONTEX

38_AI 2019-20_RIBBONTEX

If you’d like more information about Ribbontex’s products, join us on May 28th and 29th in Milan.

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