RE/VOLUME molding perspective by Lucia Rosin – Meidea

On Tuesday 28 May, the Première Vision fashion team and its exclusive guests will take a deep dive into all the ingredients you need to build your autumn 20 – winter 21 denim collection. On the programme: an inspiring seminar to immerse yourself in autumn 20 – winter 21, a live discussion with a panel of emerging designers moderated by Kristian Guerra, co-founder of Ice Surface Temperature, and a fashion seminar dedicated to the season’s silhouettes and outfits presented by Lucia Rosin from Italy’s creative studio Meidea.

RE/VOLUME molding perspective

The upcoming fashion influences will experience an exciting transformation dictated by ever more performant and technical materials. This will change the face of products and style as we know them. Evolving from the latest seasons, utility and multi-functionality, a major trend, are taking actual shape. The new silhouettes will get a boost from hybrid solutions, featuring a mix of volumes and functions. They’ll even transform fashion architectures. High-volume garments will expand their space with a pop-up effect, and will be tailored to individual needs.

The new season will also see a new awakening in digitalized consumers, who pay attention to technological and environmental issues. Their power and enthusiasm will stimulate and open new fields and experimental fields of research. The Re/volume zeitgeist will emerge in new values and Re/volutions

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Founded in 2004 in northeast Italy by Lucia Rosin, Meidea brings together a group of skilled professionals with international experience in textile, fashion, design, photography, graphics and architecture. The creative studio provides made-to-measure consultancy to clients to help them develop their image, product, stand, innovation and industrial processes. Everyday, the Meidea team study how to implement sustainable practices, during each phase in the creation of a fashion collection. Reducing the impact on the planet is a priority.

Moreover, the Meidea team believe strongly in the power of sharing their ideas and expertise through seminars and informational programs about a variety of industry-related topics. This is what Meidea calls “The culture of change”. It represents the power of sustainable communication, which can change societal awareness of environmental approaches.


Lucia Rosin has been working as a designer in fashion and fabric industry for 30 years, and as a consultant since 1998. She has been a sustainability enthusiast since the 90’s. In fact, Rosin has pursued an ecological approach in every project since the beginning of her career.  Drawing on this vision, she founded the MEIDEA consulting company, a group of professionals who merge the creative dimension with technical knowledge.

A traveller, a passionate photographer and a collector of vintage items, she merges all these influences in every single project. In 2016 MEIDEA became Meidea ATELIER, moving into a restored former factory building converted into a multifunctional space. Art installation, lectures and workshops merge together with the fashion atelier and the consultancy studio.

To learn more about Meidea and the new season’s silhouettes and outfits, come join us at the seminar on May 28, 2019 at Denim Première Vision in Milan.

Get more information about Meidea here.

Don’t forget to check out the show’s programme.

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