REO-ECO: “0” Water Magic and Carbon Neutral

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Stay Focus, Stay Recycling


REO-ECO, is well known as one of the professional recycled brand, especially among the US and European brands & retailers, focusing only on recycled polyester & polyamide fabric R&D and production.


Carbon Neutral set from Day 1

Since 2007, REO-ECO has been investing heavily in its green philosophy to be the greenest manufacturer in textile value chain, whose current activities are consuming more than 60% of solar energy, target to reach 75% by 2025.

Recognized as a Carbon Neutral Project, REO-ECO empowers global brands to accumulate Carbon Assets and reach Carbon Neutral target. Action speaks louder than words, social responsibility is to record carbon footprint and reduce GHG emissions by every production and transportation activities in the whole supply chain.

Each and every meter of REO-ECO fabric tells a beautiful carbon footprint story.


Truly vertical from plastic bottle to textile

Being the truly vertical recycle supplier in the world, REO-ECO starts from plastic bottle recycling to water-less dyeing fabric design & production.

DNA trace tech

To provide the reliable traceability & transparency, REO-ECO build up Golden Triangle Partnership with DOW and TUV, to create unique sophisticated DNA trace tech. One simple scan, tells the whole story.

“0” water magic-“less water, live better”

REO-ECO & CSI is creating an extraordinary “0” water dyeing color trend book, presenting Top Selling Colors for every brands & retailers. There are 3 great advantage of this creation:

  • ”0” water dyeing
  • Higher Colorfastness of Fabric
  • Minimum Dye Lot Difference



Specialized in recycled product R&D & production, REO-ECO offers a wide range of innovated products, covering from ECO rPET chips, ECO-Filament Yarn, ECO-fabric.

Sports & Outerwear fabric is perfectly match with REO-ECO’s spirit: recycle lives in everyday life.


Global Partnership

With its global network and oversea sales offices, REO-ECO is dedicated to build up green partnerships with more Eco-conscious brands in the global, helping to make recycling a every-day lifestyle for our customers.

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