Recyc Leather – don’t produce it, recycle it!

Since the 1920s, leather scraps from shoe and leather-goods factories have been recycled to turn them into a new material: synderme, or recycled bonded leather.

Up till now synderme has been used for very thick pieces, such as footwear heels or reinforcements, but the product is getting a second life thanks to Recyc Leather, which  transforms it into a high-end material, as supple as a traditional leather and ideal for larger and smaller leather goods.

The particularity of Recyc Leather is that it sources its scrap leather exclusively from industrial glove factories, where production requires very little chromium and treatments. Thus the leather retains all its properties, for greater suppleness and unaltered quality. Once crushed, the scrap fibres are mixed with a natural latex that acts as a binder, to obtain panels over one-meter square, on which brands can opt to print motifs, grains, or colour pigments, all also certified organic.

To best meet the ever demanding expectations of clients today, Recyc Leather offers a concrete solution: a product that, instead of being a leather substitute, actually reduces leather waste by recycling it into a new material so noble that even several big names in leather goods have adopted it.

Recyc Leather works with the Lyon Technical Center for Leather, and has a Recycled Claim Standard certification.

To adopt recycled leather yourself, come to the Smart Square, Hall 3.

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