RE-TRACE, a denim workshops series by Alessio Berto

Learn how to RE-TRACE an iconic pant!

Next 3 & 4 December at Printworks London, you’ll discover a denim workshops series by Alessio Berto!

“The ability to observe a garment, to fully understand its making, and to discover its history is what distinguishes a pattern maker from a pattern designer, who is able to give a soul to iconic garments.” Alessio Berto

This denim workshop series is created in collaboration with Alessio Berto from The Tailor Pattern Support. The workshop focuses on the importance of the pattern and the day-to-day work of the pattern maker in order to create a perfect pair of jeans.

alessio berto

Alessio Berto and Denim PV have selected 3 iconic jeans from the 50’s from among the 106 pieces belonging to M.O.D.E. (Museum of Denim Elleti):

LEVI’s 501XX big E

LEE 101 Z


Alessio Berto will use these 3 iconic pieces during the workshop series to teach participants how to create the perfect denim pattern.

The participants will have the opportunity to create the block pattern of an iconic pant through different steps: historical and technical analysis, measurement, analysis of details and the block realization.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will receive a special package including all the necessary materials to RE-CREATE the original jeans.

Each workshop lasts an hour and thirty minutes, and can accommodate groups of 15 people.
To join one of the workshops, please register at the Workshops Area upon arrival.

Workshops schedule: Tuesday-Wednesday, December, 3-4: 10am, 12.30pm, 3pm

This workshops series is realised with stock fabrics and in collaboration with:

Inspiration: M.O.D.E. Museum of Denim of ELLETI
Fabric: Kuroki
Labels: Panama trimmings
Button + Rivets: YKK

Paper pattern: Alessio Berto
Fabric: Berto, Tavex-Evlox
Pocket linen: Cervotessile,
Bag and labels: Panama trimmings / Blue 1925
Realization support: Fashion Art

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