Sustainable colours mark Raymond's A20W21 collection

Raymond UCO is excited to introduce its sustainable-colour denims as part of its AW 20-21 offer.

Inspired by the warmth of autumn-winter hues, their coloured-denim range comprises fabrics that are yarn dyed and made from sustainable dyestuffs.

A key feature of these colours is that they significantly reduce the use of chemicals during dyeing. Using these colours is another way to go easy on the environment, with reductions in discharge and effluent load. And as these colours are dyed at room temperature, they reduce the use of steam, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.


F r o m  t h e  Q u a r r y  –  Grey and Amber

C o r a l  C o a s t l i n e  – Coral and Charcoal

S e r i o u s  a b o u t  C e r e a l s  – Sky and Corn

T u s c a n  H i l l s l i d e  – Olive and Grape

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Raymond’s value-added offer in its yarn-dyed denim range focuses on clean twills, comfort, and super stretch for both menswear and womenswear. A special addition are fabrics coated using natural colours extracted from plants and fruits, which are sustainable in a variety of ways. This is a step towards offering our customers a conscious choice towards Going Green.

All colours are REACH, ZDHC, GOTS 5.0 & OEKO-TEX compliant and thus have a direct impact on reducing global warming

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