Rajby presents its C2C Certified Gold Denim Fabrics line

Rajby is please to present its C2C Certified Gold Denim Fabrics line, a step towards promoting circular economy / design.  It is one the company’s many efforts towards making this world livable for us and for future generations.

Green Materials

  • 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Elastane – Roica v550 : C2C Material Health Certified (MHC) Gold
  • No Toxic nor problematic substances in the fabric
  • Ingredients are carefully identified

Green Chemicals / Dyestuffs

  • Dystar Indigo : C2C Material Health Certified (MHC) Gold
  • Salt Free Dyeing – Cadira Technology

Green Process

  • Closed Loop Process: Zero-Waste Water Discharge in dyeing and finishing

Environmental Management

  • 80% water saving
  • Drastic reduction in ETP Load
  • 50% less CO2 emissions + offset of carbon footprints


Better Future Initiative

Rajby’s BFI (Better Future Initiative) focuses on the preservation of nature and living organisms, while countering any negative impact arising during the denim manufacturing process

When it comes to post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste, Rajby utilises waste through high-grade recycling processes that are carefully scrutinized to maintain the highest level of quality.

Zero Water Discharge Process – (ZWDP)

Water is the life that nourishes us, it is our obligation and responsibility to save every drop we can.

Rajby’s upcoming collection has made the denim manufacturing process responsible to such a degree that ZERO liters of waste water are discharged in the dyeing and finishing process.

This process creates the following savings:

CO2 Emission     :               50%

Water                   :               80%

Chemicals           :               20%



  • Plastic is extremely contaminating for the environment, but with the right tools even PET bottles can be used as a raw material for recycled yarn and sewing thread

Post-consumer Recycled Denim – (PCR Denim)

  • Discarded jeans can be recycled to create PCR Denim after passing through several rigorous processes to turn them into cotton and yarn.

Post-Industrial Recycled Denim – (PIR Denim)

  • Rajby reutilizes its process leftovers and waste as part of its NMS (Nutrient Management Strategy)

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CSR: Transgender Empowerment

Over the years, much courage and effort have been invested into creating and improving gender equality in our society and work places. Rajby has realized over the years what the impact of gender equality has on a society, and is satisfied with their efforts.


Green Energy

Saving energy is simply a priority. Even small steps make a big difference, and with that intent, Rajby strives to make giant leaps.

Consistently, Rajby has been increasing its renewable energy generation. Through these steps, their carbon footprint is being reduced and they are offsetting energy as well.


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