RAINBOW’s sustainable innovations in flat-knitting garments

Though founded in 2016, RAINBOW has ever aimed at becoming a sustainable and professional flat-knitting garment manufacturer.

The innovations in order to achieve our sustainable goal:

By SDS-ONE APEX 3 design, which was created by Shima Seiki, 3D sample garments are made in place of the real ones, therefore the raw stuffs, the cost, and the time in producing a real sample garment is saved. The 3D samples are also easily redesigned and modified, so that in the productive process the minimum cost and storage can be realized.

With the 3D seamless knitting equipment, a garment is produced as seamless with few hand-seams and almost no yarn or thread waste, so the knitting waste can be controlled in less than 1%.

The water in the manufacturing is recycled, and no contaminated water is drained.

All RAINBOW’s products can be traced of its origins. And we have RWS, BCI-COTOTN, LENZING VISCOSE, GRS, GOTS, and OCS to guarantee they are organic and recyclable.


Find Rainbow on the Première Vision show at the stand 6K45.

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