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The three-day Première Vision Shenzhen SS24, held from April 26-28, 2023, at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an), was a success. This year’s PVSZ brought together nearly 50 leading material suppliers from Europe and Asia, representing six primary categories: Yarns, Fabrics, Leather, Accessories, Designs and Manufacturing. There were two thematic areas, six sustainability seminars in this season.

We welcomed 5,568 visitors to the site this season, and the person-time for 3 days surpassed 7000. The number of visitors increased by 117% compared to AW23-24 and 290% compared to SS23. They are commercial brands, e-commerce brands, designer brands, design studios, ready-to-wear manufacturing ODM/OEM, importers and agents, weaving/spinning/fiber production categories, business associations and media, private customization/luxury/full dress, etc.

Among them, 35.65% are commercial brands, 13.89% are e-commerce brands, and 8.04% are designer brands and design studios. 45.7% of the brand’s main products are positioned in the high-end market, among them 11.88% are luxury/Haute Couture. 455 of the buyers present are direct decision makers such as high-end brand management, purchasing director, design director, and product development director.

From the perspective of geographical analysis, the visitors were mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu.

Superb System with Ground-breaking Products | Ecological (R)Evolution Will Be Boosted by Sustainable Fashion

PVSZ Sustainable Fashion Focus Area

14 exhibitors showed 64 exhibits in the sustainable fashion focus area, epitomizing the material procurement guidelines established by PV regarding four major areas of sustainable development, namely traceability, social concerns, sustainable production, and durability.

PVSZ not only considers sustainable fashion indicators and environmental protection practices to be the most important review criteria for exhibitors, but it also has extremely strict screening criteria for samples in this thematic area, requiring at least 30% of product ingredients to meet one of the five criteria listed below: Recycled/Regenerated/Organic/Bio-based Polymers/New Yarns From Optimized Resources.

Furthermore, a focal point in this area is the embodiment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, and China’s “3060” Dual Carbon Target (Carbon Peaking by 2030 and Carbon Neutrality by 2060). It assists the industry in exploring the possibility of lowering environmental impact in the textile industry as well as providing guidance to the burgeoning sustainable fashion sector in accordance with the increasingly urgent carbon emission targets.

PVSZ Creative Sustainable Collaboration

This season, PVSZ once again collaborated with fashion material experts. Inspired by the color trend of Première Vision, the PVSZ VIP buyers were provided a Premiere Bag made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles by Première Vision Shenzhen X RECYCTEX and an eco-friendly multifunctional lanyard made from recycled polyester and nylon by Première Vision Shenzhen X CAPSULE.

The two giveaways were a huge hit at the show thanks to their creative takes on sustainability and how they reflected the industry’s shift toward more ethical practices.

PVSZ Sustainable Fashion Pioneer Award

This event also marked the inaugural PVSZ Sustainable Fashion Pioneer Award. This year’s award winners are the Harbin Huaren Linen Textile Co., Ltd. and the Zhejiang Guocheng Linen Textile Co., Ltd.

The award winners were chosen by experts of PV Paris who assessed the efficacy of circularity, recycled materials, biopolymers, and new materials in terms of the two key dimensions of product composition and production management, as well as business optimization strategies for chemical management, water management, and waste disposal.

Inspirational Colors, A Breath of Fresh Imagination | The Future of Fashion, as Defined by Its Makers

PVSZ Trend Area

Highlights of PV 24 spring and summer trends are interpreted in this season’s PV Shenzhen Fashion Trend Area through color range display, trend film, and the PV Paris Forums 3D virtual tour experience. Lucie, the product manager of the PV Paris fashion team, presented and decoded the color trend and harmonies of PV SS24 and guided the audience through a sampling of the season’s four main themes about dreams.

Moreover, the 23 participating brands and 131 trend samples allow designers to gain a deeper understanding of trend highlights directly from the source and explore the exciting collision of global trends and local applications in the natural hybrid of design and technology.

Multiple Points of View and A Flurry of Ideas | Energizing Sustainable Fashion Inspirations

With the topic “Within the Boundary,” the PVSZ SS24 Sustainable Fashion Talks began its three-day session by discussing the industry’s best practices from five different angles, including the latest design trends, environmental interpretations, breakthrough materials, digital power, and market communication. Twenty experts from the fields of materials, technology, media, and associations came together to discuss a new paradigm for the ecologically responsible transformation of Chinese fashion in the international context. They include representatives from PV Fashion Team, RECYCTEX, Huaren Linen, Xinke, Sino-French Design Center (Centre De Design Sino- Français), Shenzhen University, WGSN, UNIFi3D, Alvanon, Style3D, ZENTEK, JingDaily, Xinhong, Circular π, R.I.S.E., ReGeneration, Redress, among others.

PV Shenzhen embodies the essential ethos of Première Vision and is committed to focusing on sustainable development from the source. It gathers the world’s finest suppliers and has always been dedicated to the ecological transformation of the textile industry. As PV Head of International Business Yvan said, “It is very important for us to take the opportunity of this exhibition in Shenzhen to convey the core concepts of innovation, creativity, and sustainable development of Première Vision to the vast number of Chinese expert visitors and exhibitors.”

We are at a crossroads for the future of sustainable fashion on a global scale. Première Vision, a sustainable fashion advocate and practitioner, is more resolute than ever in its pursuit of the transformation of sustainable practices and policies. At PV Paris in July, it will introduce its new environment reading tool, and closely work with brands to create an environmentally and commercially beneficial sustainable fashion supply chain. PV Shenzhen, one of the PV system’s most crucial purpose exhibitions, will adopt a look in September as well.

Join us in the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an) on September 20-22, 2023, for the new edition of PV Shenzhen!

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